First time trying Klutch! We give Ice Cream Cake a 5/5 🎂❤️ Love the flavor/terpene profile on this one!

  1. Kitty looks like they adamantly recommend this strain! I loved Ice Cream Cake, but it made me so sleepy every session that I had to make it a nighttime only strain for me lol. If you enjoy the flavor, but want a daytime buzz, Heat Locker is an Ice Cream Cake based strain that is crossed with 2 other nice sativa strains (forget the names) so it has almost the same flavor profile with uplifting effects!

  2. Love ICC.. one of my favorite flavors... and just wait until you get a batch where are those numbers are double..

  3. Your kitty is adorable and I must know his name! I’ve got some Klutch ICC over here too, in cart form. Enjoy!

  4. That is a cute looking cub - and excited for your purchase! one of my cubs always sits with me in my "smoking room" - I don't think it affects her (she doesn't act different), but she likes to be with me while I do my thing. very sweet.

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