MotorBreath - Klutch/Josh D (32.3%)

  1. It's from a DSLR camera with a 1:1 macro lens. Cell phones are decent for macro photography, but phones digitally zoom to achieve the macro shot.

  2. One of there best ones if not the best one……. Been waiting on the half’s to drop again it’s been way to long. Klutch has drop ICC many many time I know because I get it every time lol. Motobreath is over do in a big bag.

  3. I’ve had the pod and didn’t love it. It wasn’t bad, but wasn’t good when compared to other pods at the same price point. GO pods are $4 less a pod than Klutch pods at my local shop. I know a lot of people like it though.

  4. I wish they let it grow for 1 more week. Way too many clean trichomes need more amber color. It could be soo much better. Still good tho.

  5. Looks pretty , Myself I prefer Matters/PharmaCans Motorbreath as it usually has a stronger smell imo. Can’t see who responded beside the notification but I won’t deny that one batch I got from matter wasn’t good. I wish Matter would bring more Durban poison back or at least another cultivator

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