Harvest failed me

  1. Klutch uses the same oil in their luster pods as they do in oil. OP is just upset IMO he doesn’t have a battery to use it without making another trip or spending another 10-15 bucks, which I would be as well.

  2. I will for sure from now on. But it being behind the glass it’s kinda hard and the guy read off that they were carts so I just took his word.

  3. I've never been to any dispensery where they didn't show you everything you purchased before it even goes in a bag. If it's an online order, they take it out the bag and show you, then put it back in the bag.

  4. Body n Mind always never shows me my preorder. Its in a bag in a drawer amd Im out the door. Never had a problem but it always kind of bugs me when it happens.

  5. He did show me everything but he picked up both orange 43 packages and said “2 orange 43 carts” then put it in the bag. The packages look exactly the same. Either of us read it.

  6. This has happened to me as well at Ohio Cannabis Company. They were apologetic and switched the product out for the right one and even gave it to me for the price of the other product. There are still good companies that are trying to do right by their patients.

  7. I totally agree, on this. I have not once had a problem with the wrong product, or false advertising at any other dispensary. In the less than six months that Harvest has been open, however, all of my orders have been messed up in some way. Cart, rather than Luster Pod, different brand, and PLENTY of times, the THC is not what was advertised on line (One time, even being 10% off. Thought I was getting 31% Greasy Runtz, got 21%). Check your product while you are there in the building. Be diligent, because it WILL be wrong at some point. I was actually told by a manager that, "Sometimes we have more than one of the same product.That's what your signature is for, on the receipt. You are signing off that everything is right with your order." I get "signing off", but how about getting the order right in the first place?!! The average user of their website will NOT realize that there are more than one of the same product, so when they order said product, they expect THAT product. The budtenders, on the other hand, (should) know what their products are. So, if someone orders, let's just say... Greasy Runtz, the budtender should think, "We have 21% Certified Greasy Runtz, and 31% Certified Greasy Runtz, I should DOUBLE CHECK WHAT THEY ORDERED". This also does not only happen when they have two of the same product. The advertised THC% is just plain WRONG, most of the time. So, before I leave that building, I have looked at the flower (if I can see through the packaging), and I have the budtender READ EVERY LABEL, and tell me what the thc% is, before I sign that receipt. There have also been a couple of times that I stop at the table in the "sales" room, open my bag, and double check my product BEFORE LEAVING THE BUILDING.

  8. I'm now curious about the signing of the receipt because my dispensary is no longer asking patients to sign anything! So, I'm not so sure that the signing a receipt is binding and releasing the dispensary of fault when they incorrectly dispense (it seems it is just what they are saying at Harvest)

  9. Aren't dispensaries run by the Dept. of Pharmacy? Would a pharmacy substitute medicine without informing you or the doctor? I think it would be maybe unlawfu.l I just had an order substituted with a different product than advertised by a Lebanon dispensary. I got all info together and sent it to them but no reply. That doesn't surprise me. I as a businessman I deal with any issues immediately. I guess they figure they have enough business so what the hell.

  10. Yeah they informed me that it was unlawful to swap it out. And I even understood that. That’s when I suggested a possible discount on the actual product I wanted, but then he said they weren’t allowed to give individual sales or discounts on medication. That’s when I tried to get a discount on just a battery because it’s not even medication. Hell, they should just toss me a battery for free. But they wouldn’t even budge on the battery discount either.

  11. There has been numerous times I have had the pharmacy try to give me different medication than what the doctor ordered (not MMJ). But they were following the insurance companies instructions. But due to an allergy I had to fill out a stupid amount of forms and have the doctor contact them before the pharmacy would give me the prescribed medication. This took months to sort out. And becomes an issue again every couple of years. Healthcare in this country is a scam

  12. Every dispensary would of handled that as such I have as well been given the wrong item and noticed when I got home but at the end of the day they are human and I have yet to be to a single dispensary that’s not busy as all get out they do make mistakes hopefully you enjoy the luster pod and I’m sure you will double check them next time it’s really both parties at fault but any of the dispensary’s once you walked out the door with it you own it

  13. I disagree that both parties are at fault. The patient was dispensed the incorrect medicine and that went through the ''pharmacist'' behind the magic curtain, whomever assists them, and the budtender. They all had to of made mistakes with this transaction. While it is WISE for a patient to check, the patient is not at fault here, the patient was failed. I don't have a luster pod battery and I don't want one, if a dispensary gave me a luster pod instead of a regular cart that I had ordered I would be on the phone until I got what I ordered.

  14. A phone call will tell if they can substitute. Another thing, do we have privacy on here where your name can’t be released to anyone?

  15. nah, that isn't right, they f*d up they should make it right, they are supposed to go over your order and check it against what they ring up, giving you a pod that you can't use is on them they should let you exchange it for what you can use and asked for! Call them back and ask to speak with a key employee. If you don't get the correct replacement contact the State and make a complaint. Patients have so many hoops to jump through already to be told, just live with it and spend more $$$ on a battery you weren't prepared to buy now because some dude didn't do his job properly. (ok, Im prepared for downvotes, lol)

  16. I will say the carts hit better than the lusters . I understand your frustration . Let’s all take a moment to acknowledge how amazing the Sherbhead strain is. Basically a staple in the program .

  17. I don’t understand why people are so quick to defend the dispo either. They preach the old we’re here for patients blah blah blah, but then can’t even dispense the medicine properly or at least resolve their mistake. I don’t understand how it’s on the consumer to have to triple check someone else doing their job correctly.

  18. I went to sunny side newark the other day, when I was in the parking lot I noticed they gave me the wrong product, they made sure to switch it to the product I had actually ordered. I’m sorry u had this experience , I’ve had similar at Columbus dispos

  19. Interesting that the State would supply a return form to dispensaries yet Harvest says that they can't accept a return? (for their own mistake?)

  20. I bought one of Airo's carts (specifically listed on the dispensary website as a 510 thread cartridge) get home to find that it looks like a 510 cart but the thread only fits their specific battery. It conveniently says "Pod" in faint lettering on the front but stated this nowhere else. Can't return it. Cool.

  21. The airo carts are good. I like the live resin carts. The co2 carts gave me a headache. They do require a special battery. They are kinda like luster pods with the way u hit them and it seems like the cart itself is magnetic and clicks right in.

  22. They are supposed to show it to you before they put it in the bag.. because they can’t take it back after they cash you out.. I have had my fair share of arguments.. but make sure they hear about it enough from you till they know your name.. and your ish be right every time.. ohios system is terrible

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