Can't get a medical card if you have any history of suicidal ideation?

  1. I would agree I believe PTSD is on the list of medical problems that qualifies for MMJ itโ€™s highly recommended for Vets.

  2. Moustafa Maita with NuggMD I think. To be fair I didn't provide documentation (My therapist and I discussed me having CPTSD but don't have a paper diagnosis, and I also have insomnia) so maybe that contributed to it but he specifically said the reason was he doesn't give a card to people with a history of suicidal ideation.

  3. Damn, Dr Maita was my doc as well, told him I had chronic pain uploaded my health records got my approval in 30 secs damn near. Maybe you should have uploaded your Medical condtion to him, that could have been the reason you didn't get approve. My cousin has ptsd (suicidal) and told Dr Maita this, he still approved her because she showed proof.

  4. You need to find a new doctor, that's ridiculous. I have lived with suicidal ideation along with PTSD and other health issues all my life and I had no issues getting my MMC. I would suggest getting ahold of Elevate Holistics Medical Marijuana Cards (502)764-4445 They are very friendly, very easy to work with. They do everything online and you see the Dr by video call. They're not expensive, I think I was seeing something saying as low as $75 for the visit, cheaper than brick and mortar. Then you will have your registration fee with the state($50) but if you are indigent (social security disability check monthly or a Vet you can turn paperwork in to the state before paying your fee and it'll cut the cost in half to register. My other suggestion would be maybe not mention the suicidal ideation especially if you suffer with PTSD, that in itself should get you approved. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you find a solution so you can get your medicine!!!

  5. I went through ohio cannabis connection. Short sweet and to the point. Inhad documented problems so it was easy.Chronic pain and PTSD. I've even been to Netcare in the past for crisis stabilization. I didn't bring that up in my visit though. Green harvest is great too. They do a more personalized approach I believe.

  6. find a new doctor!! i was hospitalized for an attempt and was still able to get my card for ptsd. i used ohio marijuana card and even mentioned my attempt/ideation as a symptom

  7. The doctor has a right to refuse your card if he feels that cannabis would be harmful to you. Just like with any other illness, if you're not happy with what the doctor says, find another doctor and ask.

  8. great, thanks for adding another thing for people to be against pot for when this affects legitimately probably 0.00001 percent of users

  9. Ohio cannabis connection is who I used. Didn't have documentation but I think they prefer it. Don't see why someone would be against it.

  10. I don't think that that is a valid reason to deny you a card. I will however say that for some people marijuana can make suicidal ideation and mental health problems worse so tread carefully

  11. I was hospitalized in June 2021 for a suicide attempt, got my mmj card Nov 2021. I was given my card BECAUSE of this. For ptsd.

  12. He's actually a great Doctor. She did not upload her medical records. But expects a recommendation with no proof of any condtion.

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