Any way to view a products test results?

  1. This frustrates me to no end. I shop by terps, half these bottles don't even display it. I have to do a ton of research just to pick every week, and that's just a rough estimate. I want to see the terps, God dammit.

  2. I guess I’ll have to stop pre-ordering and find a bud tender who will help me. I’ve been going to Terrasana in Columbus but I may try other locations…or because I drive all over Ohio I may just swing up to Michigan to avoid all the bs

  3. The most you'll find online are terps and a THC/CBD % that doesn't actually match what you bought when you go to pick it up.

  4. So request the test results directly from each grower, you mean? Big pain but I guess. I wonder, do the labs provide their test results in a digital format that could be viewed on their (the labs) site? I haven’t investigated that but it would be nice if so.

  5. I know! It’s so frustrating. Considering it’s medical, and people would need that information to make a decision, you would think that they would put that on the sites.

  6. Makes no sense. I’m tired of buying flower labeled 20% thc only to find it is 19.5% THCa. Not what I want, at all.

  7. It’s hard to find unless a cultivators site or dispensaries labels but even then, every batch of flower is different & tests differently so it’s hard to put a label on 1 strain based off of 1 batch.

  8. Email the processor or cultivator. They should be happy to send you the COA and if they don't then you shouldn't be buying from them.

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