Where can I find moon rocks?

  1. Tbh you're better off just going with a normal concentrate.. Moon rocks are such a waste and 9/10 times, you'd get more medical benefits from dabbing the concentrate and then smoking the flower separately. Just my 2 cents.

  2. Thank you!! I honestly want to try them once just to see how they help my ptsd, due to the fact it’s a few forms in one. I don’t see myself regularly using them, since they aren’t super available to me anyways, BUT I’m a long time smoker but new to the actual medical program so I really appreciate your 2 cents :) thank you! Will definitely look into that. Good looking out.

  3. Sunnyside in Chillicothe has a couple different ones. Also saw some available at Columbia Care in Logan. Haven't tried any though, would recommend the rso instead of moon rocks for heavy dosages

  4. I’ve never been able to find them on Chillicothe Sunnyside’s online menu and I don’t love their check in & transaction process in the store. I’ve gone 6 times & it was rushed, half assed and not at all helpful, every time. Not sure if they just get overwhelmed when busy or what, but I prefer online ordering for that reason.

  5. Verdant columbus. Ohio grown therapies Newark. Both POW locations and Columbia care dayton. Lmk brother. I too struggle from ptsd.

  6. Have you considered making your own? I find it more cost effective to make them yourself vs purchasing them in the program. I've purchased AR Hashtroids and was not very impressed.

  7. I have considered it! I am able to save up my own keef, would you say I should use the same strain in oil/concentrate/(not sure???), buds, and keef? Or does it matter?

  8. shit… idk why this so downvoted if I had a full tank of gas and a reliable car I’d be agreeing with you lolol im not a fan of Ohios prices

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