just heads up certified cultivators is using botanical terps.

  1. Same. I don't think I've seen one positive post on their vapes here. With limited product the other day, I actively didn't get the on sale CC vape because of all the bad shit I've read here.

  2. I had to look up what botanical terpenes are, so does this mean that this cart has a mixture of different plant extracts meaning it’s not 100% pure?

  3. Just means they add terps from other plants, isn’t necessarily bad but some people don’t enjoy it. I personally don’t care, but some people throw fits and notice it tastes artificial

  4. Agreed. We also have no idea wether or not botanical Terpenes are safe for inhalation. But we do know that cannabis derived ones are.

  5. Do they still make those? Haven’t seen them on menus in months and I was looking to try them. Not looking anymore, just thought they stopped when they had to change extractors

  6. Their carts are trash. Taste exactly like those bunk ass Dank carts from back in the day. Fake taste lingers in the back of your throat and tastes nothing like cannabis.

  7. No. Distillate is clean and potent. Basically every cart ever is distillate beside rare rosin carts. The issue is BDT’s from other things used to flavor the cart. When certain brands extract the terpenes from a strain (CDT) then make distillate and put them back, you not only get a smell and flavor true to the flower, but the terpene content also controls the effect of specific strains. Without the original, natural terpenes- your “strain” choice is meaningless beside flavor.

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