I just love when most of my vape oil ends up in the mouthpiece!........ :’)

  1. I was using mine on the official certified and they were both bunk. One tasted burnt and gave me headaches, the other leaked and wouldn’t even hit on any battery. Done with their carts

  2. They definitely need to get rid of those carts. They were cool when they were meant for the cured resin/wax line of carts but then the dude that was in charge of that, was fired for stealing from the company.

  3. Using stick battery at 3.3v, but bumped down to 2.8v and it just wouldn’t pull. Preheat is essential due to weather conditions, even if I try not to pull too hard it keeps coming up 🥶

  4. Probably tried every brand/cultivator in the program the past 2 years and I’ve definitely got CC on the bottom at the moment for cart quality

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