Happy new year! What is everyone’s favorite sativa right now?

  1. I’ve had the SLH in a luster pod, but haven’t had the salty watermelon. I’ve had bad luck with Firelands, but I do like their Sour papaya. I’ve heard multiple people talk about the watermelon. I might have to check it out. Thanks!

  2. Straight sauce is my go to right now! Been sick and straight sauce makes me feel good. Clears up congestion and allows me to breathe. Instantly clears sinus congestion, headaches, fatigue, and makes you feel better almost immediately.

  3. BFE Super 🍋haze BR NYC Flo Ancient Roots NYC Chem BR Sour blue diesel Woodward 🫐🍰 (hybrid but I personally get more of the sativa effects) Woodward 🍇head Woodward 🤖

  4. I just tired certified's Strawberry Lemonade and it's incredible. this is probably one of the best sativa dominant strains I've ever had. it absolutely melted away my headache, fatigue, and general low mood, and leaves me feeling euphoric, relaxed, and tingly. Rn I'm using it to get thru a lil new years day cleaning!

  5. I've been smoking on some Grape Head from Woodward. I also have the Vintage blueberry pod from butterfly. Still trying to decide how I like it.

  6. I liked the Blueberry vintage pod, but not the flower. I didn’t really think it had any sativa effects though. I’m hoping to try Grapehead soon!

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