Standard Farms $15 half g cart? Seems sketchy. Columbia Care in Monroe menu has 2 strains same price.

  1. It seems like they've been cleaning out their closet a little bit. They seem to be running last call and bottom of the barrel pricing on several different items per day. They ran a last call 25% off sale on a brand new batch of Woodward blueberry cheesecake 5th's about a week ago. It's almost like deals of the day.

  2. Close to expiration. A week or two most likely. Ive seen stuff drop in price all the way down to $5. I got some dab tabs for 5 once.

  3. Even when the prices are low people complain, unbelievable. No matter what happens in the program people will find a way to bitch about something.

  4. It seems like OP was more questioning why a usually overpriced product suddenly became very affordable, rather than complaining about it.

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