Under fill ? BE OG KUSH

  1. They're usually only around .85g and they typically hold 1g or even a little more. Looks pretty normal to the ones I've had but I don't usually get the pods. Right side does look a little lower but it still probably has the total weight

  2. You’re fine my guy. Chamber holds more than 1 gram… usually like 1.25 g because these need some air at the top to work properly. The atomizer can absorb another .25-ish, but doesn’t need to in order to work properly. That’s why some of these carts and pods can show up looking half full and still be fine. This looks fine.

  3. Literally just opened up the exact same thing as I saw this post. Weird. But yeah mine's got headspace but not as much as yours seems to have. But not by much. The right side of your pod looks pretty low honestly but who knows.

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