POW Granddaddy purple shake - this is not shake. It's mostly stems and trimmings with some smalls mixed in.

  1. Well I now know to NEVER buy any of their shake. That's very pitiful looking. Sorry to see you bought that but glad to see you helping others avoid their crap.

  2. Literally what I came here to say. This is legit trimming room floor quality. I count at least 4 sticks in that picture alone, plus what appear to be dried fan leaves.

  3. I think it's fine BUT they need to have a more transparent bag AND have the tender point out exactly what it is, that basically it's not flower.

  4. Report it to the state and the company. This happened to me with a company. I can't remember who, but they had it labeled shake and it looked exactly the same. They sent me a gift card for the cost.

  5. What the fuck is this bullshit? Fuck this program and every cocksucker running it. You'd get your shit split for trying to sell that to someone in the real world smh

  6. This just happened to me too. I purchased it last week and just opened it and it was a full bag of the same. Hopefully they do something about it. ☹️

  7. That's pretty disappointing they would sell that to a patient and call it medicine. I see fan leaves and stems in there, that's not even trim it's trash. I'd be interested to see the company's response to this.

  8. I'd be fu**ing pissed man. I'd take that shit right back. If the dispensary doesn't take it back contact the company I would make a huge deal about that. Let's just leaf's.

  9. Omg....I cant believe they are allowed to bag this crap up. I thought product was inspected. This is trash. Literally, I would throw this shit away and I do often. This is a HUGE dissapointment my friend. Im sorry you had to deal with that garbage. This should be refunded....NO, it should have never been sold in the first place. They need to stop selling ground and shake. Just use it for extracts instead of robbing people like this. I would feel guilty as hell for selling this trash. This tarnishes thier name imo. I thought they did better with thier products. I have ALWAYS been happy and excited to get most PURE OHIO products. The Hell on Wheels Luster Pods were amazing. I just got the flower today and its good but I like it better personally as an oil. There is ways to complain on pharmaceutical products such as pills so thier should be ther same help offered in the medical marijuana program....I mean, its a pharmacy.

  10. The packaging is misleading in itself. Yes you can “see through” but I’d never guess by looking at the package that when you open it, it looks like a bunch of shitty stems and leaves.

  11. That looks bad, that stem on top is rude as fuck! I bought 2 of these “shake sacks” last week on sale for $60 ea- gelato and hell on wheels both around 21% and for $4.50 a gram I’m happy. Neither were as trimmy as this but both were about 3/4 smalls mixed with 1/3 crumbled sugar leaves and actual shake with a few smaller stems. All real crystaly. I separated the shake and grinded it fine and it vaped nice with effects on par with the listed thc percentage. Smalls were the about same size as what they sell labeled as smalls and mostly dense. So my experience was pretty good but It seems the new POW shake is hit or miss. Good that the package is see through, I’ll definitely be inspecting closer before buying next time.

  12. POW discontinued GDP so probably that’s all that’s left of what they had and they said “someone will probably buy this” and now it’s yours

  13. Definitely call the company and get your money back thats not shake thats big trim that should never be sold in our program that should be made into something else shit is getting ridiculous we used to call these bad drug dealers

  14. I would take that back that's not shake that's trim. According to the Ohio medical marijuana guidelines shake is classified as anything that comes off of the plant naturally by handling trim is anything that's manually removed all of that has scissor marks on it and stem. You got robbed.

  15. I've already picked a few smalls out and smoked em. Would they still refund? I just assumed I was stuck with it, didn't consider they have to do anything about it.

  16. I'm adding POW to my list of shitty bud. Pow and firelands scientific have had junk lately. Mold, dry weed, and just shit quality. I've only been in the program a few months and I stick with butterfly effect and never had an issue. If I ever do have an issue with butterfly effect, I know they'll fix it.

  17. Did you take it back to POW and ask them? They seem like a very customer-oriented business, I think I would give them a chance to make it right before I blasted them on social media.

  18. I honestly thought I was just stuck with it. I just emailed them today. We'll see what they say I guess.

  19. Omg this is honestly the saddest and worst thing I think I’ve ever seen on this subReddit. I love POW myself but THIS is completely unacceptable.

  20. Man...Im now reminded of when I was 10 and people were taking oregano and trying to pass it off as weed and successfullly done in many case. This is no different. A STRAIGHT RIP OFF!!!

  21. That’s criminal, even my street dealer in 2000 wouldn’t dare pull that bullshit. I hope you didn’t pay more than 5$ for that, and I’m so sorry for your loss. This program is in many ways straight up criminal, unfortunately…

  22. This actually looks worse than the shitty bag of galensa I paid $60. Between this and the mold issues I am going to use up my stock and not spend any money in the hopes quality is better next month.

  23. I had the opposite experience. I just got 14 grams of shake from POW and it’s like it’s just smalls. I was really happy with it.

  24. Luckily all the dispos I go to describe the “shake” in the description. Never ever buy “trim”. I only ever grab the ground/shredded flower and never have issues. I know this isn’t the case for every website but def keep an eye out. Sorry you took this L for us

  25. I bought a 2.8 or whatever of their bud once and it was terrible. Lately I go with buckeye relief for flower and wellspring fields and superflux for concentrates/vapes/edibles

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