Black Friday !!!!! How did I do ? First time buying the drinks pretty stoked for them as well as the watermelon cake first time !!!! sherbhead is in the vape which I got also today the rest u can view in pic For those 2 people who replied to my last pic sorry I’m baked here’s the pic

  1. It’s watermelon cake it’s good but I’ve honestly have had some deep fried apples at more than half the cost and stronger thc and flavor personally I’ve had wedding cake, icc, and now watermelon cake so far icc is still winning it was a little bit of a let down good flavor and wicked buzz but to pricey for me I’m glade I got to try it though

  2. Was thoroughly disappointed with the verano g purps wax . Especially $90 for less than a gram, and quality was lacking

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