This was posted on OCL FB page. Anyone else heard about this? Was looking for the email about it but I didn't get one. Maybe this email was sent to grows only. 🤷‍♂️

  1. They are also expanding the conditions for medical cannabis to anything a doctor thinks will be helped by camnabis and allowing for more dispensaries. They got a taste of that money and want more lol.

  2. But what about opioid addiction!?!?! More medical marijuana patients will just increase the state's addiction problems! /s

  3. This is a fantastic step in the right direction. Some clarification though if anyone can confirm… we’re going back to the 90 day fill period and eliminating tiered products, that much is clear. What’s kind of shocking to me is it says 9oz per fill period regardless of THC percentage. Does that mean I can get 9oz of 70% THC concentrates? Obviously I couldn’t realistically do that without selling my house but just to pose the question.

  4. No the law I believe lists 9 ounces of flower but you were never allowed to buy that much. Nice to see they are actually attempting to fix that. Concentrates will still be based off whatever the daily limit is for THC. Be nice if they get rid of the cap on concentrate potency limits next.

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