Ohio Marijuana Activists Almost Have Enough Signatures To Force Lawmakers To Consider Legalization

  1. How are they gathering signatures? Does anybody know where or how to sign? If they posted up in front of dispensaries or allowed online signatures, it would be done very quickly. I'd be willing to slap my name on the dotted line, but I have never seen anyone with a clipboard asking for it...

  2. This should have been on the 2020 ballot but Yost blocked online signature collection during the pandemic. The reason he did this is because he didn't want to encourage liberal voters with Trump up for re-election.

  3. They’ve been outside of about wellness the past couple times I’ve been there. They were off to the side not right in-front of the dispensary maybe there’s a rule against them being at a dispensary.

  4. I wish there was also a place online where we could post our signatures as well. This would have already gotten enough signatures if that was to happen

  5. Yes this is exactly what will happen. They will do anything to block home grow and keep the money rolling in. Only reason we even have the medical program is because they got scared with how close the last ballot initiative was.

  6. The people down voting this comment do realize... The republicans just passed a completely unconstitutional gerrymander, on the heels of the house bill 6 scandal even. I get the tribalism but please realize, our Republican leadership is wholly corrupt.

  7. Why can't we all just get along. Your making me sad 😭. I'm going to tell my dad. Who is probably to drunk to care.

  8. (Covid.. made more sales and reversed care to fix/improve/do anything for patience at the same time.)

  9. Whoever is in charge of this, please get me access. I can gather a ton of signatures. I’m in the field and in law school so can get them in a hurry!

  10. They are going to have enough signatures before I even have a chance to sign it lol. Guess I'm going to have to wait for round two when the Republicans allow it to expire after 4 months.

  11. In a land where the people are supposed to control the laws, how do we just not have any say or power into them? Is everyone here just blind and ignorant? We have the power to get laws changed. But sitting there complaining won’t change shit. Take a stand and make a change or you’ll Never be heard

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