POW Lemon Drip 14.15g Jar

  1. I tried to do a little looking around but I wasn't able to find what strains were crossed to make this strain but here is this I got from the qr code on the container.

  2. Couldn't agree more, POW is definitely becoming one of my favorite brands to purchase. This is actually my second time picking up a lemon drip half and that one was without the 20% discount, still was only $100 out the door for it which you can't beat compared to what else the program offers.

  3. Limonene 3.81 mg Caryophyllene 3.44 mg Linalool 2.69 mg Humulene 1.05 mg Pinene 0.60 mg Bisabolol 0.45 mg Myrcene 0.36 mg In my opinion with the flavor as you'd figure the limonene definitely shines out the most with a nice citrus flavor coming from it.

  4. I'd also love to go to their actual shop eventually, usually at Ohio Provisions there is only about 3 maybe 4 if we're lucky different pow options and they are all usually of the half variety.

  5. See I would actually love to find a half I've only found one once by me but now I switched where I go well I'm trying to change as long as I feel good enough to make it there lol

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