Today’s pickup. Found some linalool. POW Lemon Citral, Crescendo, Gelato. Will update with effects…

  1. I grabbed a half of the hy-note (crescendo),GG4, and Purple sunset last weekend. The hy-note and GG are both loaded in trichomes and kief. They all smell amazing but the hy-note fills the whole room just opening container. POW really are putting out some great flower. Especially when you consider price. I got the half of GG at Sunnyside and it was still a decent price (110$ half oz)

  2. 110 for a half was it shake or grinds the lowest by me for half's are 150 I got lucky one week and got a half of curealeaf for lik 130 but there the only company by me that sells a half that cheap unless it's grinds or shake and ive been warned not to get it so trying but I bought a once got buckeye relief super sour orange and a half of layer cake both where teir 2 but after tax which in tax I paid 30 bucks but for a whole that isn't even going to last two weeks it was 355 dollars there has to be a better option if I was able to work maybe I wouldn't care as much

  3. Post the coa scans if you can for the fill terpenes. Always interested in their numbers. They’ve pulled some big test numbers lately.

  4. I've been saying this. Ohio got some exceptional growers.. Please support our local farmers. Stop buying out of state big business. For too many reasons to state on Reddit.

  5. Lemon Citral hits behind the eyes, nice body high. I can see where the linalool comes in…was reading about how it can help with opioid addiction, definitely has like a sedative and pain relieving effect.

  6. Damn, POW flower has been looking great. I wish there was more availability here in NE Ohio from them!

  7. Sucks if I didn't have brain damage I could drive again and then maybe be able to get to a better place out by me I'm about to stop buying any I ended up having to go a different route this week and was the nastiest crap I ever tried and that's why I love medical I know what I get what strain but it's to much instead of having some for two weeks I'm now just going to get enough for a few days and screw it

  8. You mean the random deep holes in the flowers? If that’s what you’re referring to, it’s just how flowers form. The grow from nodes on the stem, in clusters. The holes are simply just where one cluster of calyx’s didn’t quite fill out and meet the next cluster.

  9. Wish I had a technical answer for ya but I think it’s like an empty seed pocket? Happens with feminization or something? I’m not good with growing specifics. Tag

  10. Nice I've only tried one luster pod before but I think I messed up the pod it was something from Klutch but some how I got the oil to get all messed up in it

  11. Klutch produces great flower, it their Luster Pods aren’t up to par. Butterfly Effect makes the best in the game. They’ve got it dialed in. Triple Choc or OG Kush are nice.

  12. Pro-tip: buy in bulk and and finish curing it in a glass jar. I'll usually add a humidity pack for the first week or two and then take it out. Pretty much have to do that with all our bud in the program.

  13. I live in Akron I have 2 options bloom which I never been because they have a two star rating and botnist which is 3 stars and last time I bought 28 grams for 350 bucks for a half of layer cake and a half of super sour orange the super sour orange was pretty good the layer cake how ever once half way into my can all the buds turned to dust didn't even help me with anything I will never buy butterfly effect in my life again second bad batch from them first was black jack that strain was dust garbage to

  14. You gotta be careful with dates of harvest and stuff. I check the medical menus near me daily to see what’s just come in. Also, rOhioMarijuanaDeals is a great resource to use. They post at around 1030 every day with every single store’s new inventory for that day. I haven’t gotten a bad batch doing this. Happy smoking!

  15. Gelato by them was amazing I got lucky enough to get a half of that for 170 at the start of November I think first time trying them and they seem to have good flower wish they where out here

  16. I'm trying a new dispo today I only have five points to spend but there's a place called herbology that I can get to if I take a bus for a few hrs so getting ready to catch the bus but there stuff seems cheaper and they even have weird weight that I've never seen at the place I go

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