Anybody try Meigs County flower before? My dispensary is having a sale today and wondering if it’s worth my precious days I have left. Specifically interested in the hybrid strawberries and creme 😋

  1. I’ve had the Strawberry and Creme and honestly I wasn’t too impressed with the strength of the effects. The bud smelled very aromatic however and was really frosty.

  2. Worst product I had in the program was from them. Strain was Dirt Nap. They should have just called it Dirt. That’s what it was.

  3. Ive had great and not so great buys from them. Which dispo is this? I wish my local ones did deals like this

  4. I have always loved me some meigs, never seemed to have the problems others did, but I didn’t try them until a year ago…. And on sale??? My problems with them is they don’t list terp percents and the packaging is totally flawed…. Other than that they seem to be good on sale!

  5. Rainbow reserve by farkas farms was the best strawberries and crème taste I’ve ever had. Absolutely 10/10. Hopefully you took this threads advice and saved your days. I’d hold off until next week and hit that klutch sale.

  6. Animal Mints is actually pretty darn good! I’m always leery of Meig’s, but I would say the Animal Mints is always a repurchase. Potent terps carry thru on the taste too.

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