Feel like I’m in heaven right now. First pic Budino by Klutch. 2nd pic Animal Face by Woodward. 3rd pic Wedding Cake by Woodward. And last but not least SHRBT Live Resin from Standard ft. My peak

  1. Very true I’m not the happiest with the prices but I went up to Michigan and paid 200 a half for top shelf bud like this and pa prices are ridiculous so I can’t complain but of course I’d love it cheaper like cali prices or Colorado. Maybe one day

  2. Animal Face is too notch. Wedding Cake is nice. Wasn’t really a fan of Budino, mine was too dry a few months back

  3. My favorite is Budino nice choices. It's encouraging seeing pics like this. They got some exceptional growers in the Ohio program. 🤞 this continues. Let's start working on the price so patients can afford their meds..

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