Killer THC levels with little to no terps. Third time from Riviera Creek

  1. Honestly I don't pay much attention to the lab results. I've had strains that were supposedly 15%ish THC and less than 1% total Terpenes hit harder than 30% THC and 3-5% total Terpenes. They can be pretty misleading

  2. Yeah...I gotta do the taste test before anything. Lol. But it had a very small lemon taste with a very light garlicy smell.

  3. My opinion of them is swaying that way. Lol. This wasnt too bad but the Blue Steel was horrible. Dont ever buy that unless you like old fashioned dirt weed

  4. This is JACK RABBIT......I cant remember the first one I had but the second was Blue Steel and now Jack Rabbit. It leaned more on the Sativa side as far as the high. I love the taste and smell from my buds and was just a little sad that they didnt have either of the two. How does this happen? Is this a mess up or just how the strain is? Any thoughts

  5. Think about it like this, you have a nugg of weed so 100% a good 60% of that 100% nug is the green leafy material so that only leaves so much room for the THC and terps, so if the nug is super high in THC then that's taking away from the possible potent room for the terps and usually ends up being a nug wit high THC an very little terps that's why I think the buds from the mid 2000s were so much better because the best would usually be between 18-25% and super high terps back when one little gram bud would stink up the whole house!! LMAO 🤣😆 but u always gonna have your size queens out here haha

  6. The Jack Rabbit wasnt too bad. The more I smoked it did get better. I do have to point that out. However, Blue Steel was a complete let down and it was only at 23% THC

  7. I didnt know this was "Bad Medicine" as you say....And it really wasnt. It did do what it was supposed to do. No, its not a Cannibas Cup Winner, but I dont consider it bad at all. They make Garlic Cookies as well and its Amazeballz!!! Lol

  8. What's funny is when I picked up a half of super sour orange it was actually the highest I've ever seen for terps I was so happy because mycern was at 1.07 percent but every thing else is always . 18 . 45 this batch is my first time even getting something with a 1. Anything for terpenes percent so I thought it was normal for lower number idk

  9. I had a batch of garlic cookies from them recently that was some funk Its like every other cultivator in the program every batch can be hit or miss there's damn near no 2 alike unless u get lucky I've had garlic cookies that was ok from them and then garlic cookies that was fire from them same with woodwards strain etc some batches a significantly better that others thats a quality control problem each batch should be the same as well a problem with companies who keep trying to grow new strains which is a process and patients shouldn't have to worry about if u grow out a pheno that's not so great we shouldn't have to worry about them curing and selling it anyway and that's what these companies do they are all at fault for it I've had 50/50 experience with them most companies are give or take the same its a problem with the program at the end of the day it should be more strict about the quality and what the standards are and that should come from patients obviously speak up message them email them complain tell them what that need to work on its the only way to get results

  10. I like the Volney by them. I've had it a few times and it always tasted great and was a punch in the face as far as buzz goes. Haven't tried anything else from them. My buddy said the Garlic Cookie Stambaugh is good but I haven't tried it.

  11. I did wonder about the Volney. I have been looking for that super piney taste from the old days but refined by new growers and tech and genetics. Looking to try the new Northern Lights strain soon and hopefully it has some pine tree taste to it. I know....Im wierd, but i love that taste and smell in my bud

  12. I didnt know that. I thought they were pretty good because of Garlic Cookies bieng such a hit locally but it seems I was wrong

  13. this bud is gorgeous, soft, not leafy so like snowbally, green nugs with PERFECT trichomes.. they're glistening. Ill let you know once I smoke it

  14. It smokes really good. Not too flavorful like your favorite strain but definitely packs the punch youre lookin for especially if you got high tolerance and are looking for top quality strains.

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