one of my favorite strains in the whole program - Verano G Purps 24.1%

  1. I totally agree. I've tried dozens of different strains in the program and this is one of a handful that I re-purchase semi-regularly. I opened a fresh tenth of this just last night and, like all other times, it doesn't disappoint. I rarely ever cough from vaping this strain and the taste and effects are really pleasant. I think I like the purple strains. If anyone can recommend a similar strain, please do.

  2. Someone on here is capping on this one. I've had it my least favorite. Glad you found your relief. I myself enjoy BR Sour Blue Diesel. Give that one a try. Peace and blessings 😊

  3. The smell is so distinct. Wouldn't be too difficult to blindly differentiate it from a good chunk of what the program has to offer based on aroma alone.

  4. their labels remind me of le croix seltzer cans... but yeah this stuff is good, rarely priced right though

  5. Never been happy with their cure. Haven't tried them in a while, with how cheap pure Ohio's local grown is, it's hard to pay the price Vernon wants for the hit and miss. Try neon gem local grown, or gelato from pure ohio for a mid grade cause of price. Then I usually seek 30% thc types as they give me the most relief for anxiety. Just need 1 or 2 good hits from certain strains. Try electric peanut butter cookies from Galenas. Tried it at 30% and was a 1 hitter quitter, and cured my stomach and nerve pain almost instantly. The taste is fruity, funky, citrus and idk what else, hard to describe the flavor. Was pleasantly pungent smelling and tasting. Would hands down spend $50 a tenth of it again, and I'm extremely picky

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