Just a bit of RSO on a plum! Yum!

  1. Lol. Honestly I have an interesting relationship with weed and anxiety, in high doses it can give it to me for sure- rso is very calming to me tho and it’s ab 150 mg thc which is a lot for some ppl but perfect for me lol, but if I had 200-250+ is where I enter panic attack zoneπŸ˜‚πŸ˜΅

  2. Yum! Never thought of that combo. I love RSO, best bang for your buck and easy on the days. I still have a hard time processing edibles no matter what they are, even when taken with lecithin. I either rub into my gums under my tongue or use tincture to skirt around that issue. 40-50mg under my tongue does more for my pain than me eating 200mg of any other edible. RSO is awesome for pain!

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