Extremely rude employees/terrible customer service at Columbia Care Monroe

  1. I never had a bad experience at SF Monroe but I only went a couple of times. Ever since About Wellness dropped pricing I haven't seen a need. It feels much more like a medical dispensary and a lot less like your curbside weed man.

  2. I’ve been to About Wellness several times and I agree it is fantastic. Never had even close to a bad experience.

  3. I dealt with him today too. He was drilling me with questions like I didn’t know what I was talking about. When I was waiting in the lobby I watched him be a dick to 3 people. He was just rude as fuck

  4. The col-care in Dayton is a million times better than Monroe. I’ve been to Monroe once and will never go back because of the lack of good customer service. Dayton however is a complete 180. The guard will come out and know most people by their name. I’ve been there so much staff and security knows me on a first name basis lol. Would recommend 100% to anyone in the area. Also Pure Ohio Wellness in Dayton is another place I’ve found that has great deals and a great staff. Just not a whole lot of locations which is a bummer.

  5. Why are y’all using the word customer? Every person buying cannabis in Ohio is a PATIENT. You can’t treat patients like this at all. Fuck that and fuck whoever this guard is.

  6. Hell no they're not patients, if they were the prices wouldn't be so high and the wannabe budtenders would have some semblance of a clue of what they're talking about.

  7. I will say the man I dealt with at the checkout counter was fantastic. Apologized when I told him about it. However he seemed like one in a few there who was pleasant. Terrible experience.

  8. Aren't gaurds supposed to be a little off putting? Lol the one at my work scares the bejezus out of me! If they were approachable I don't think they'd be as effective. It's all about the experience with the buddtenders, and they're always so nice and helpful, glad you agree.

  9. So telling him I have an online order and am a new customer is showing lack of ability to follow instructions? It’s literally the instructions on the door that I followed exactly lmao and he rolled his eyes like I was his mom asking him to take out the trash and get off the video game. The only entitlement I have is to be treated the same way I have treated them, no rudeness and punk attitude. and not rudely when there was nothing done to call for it. Completely uncalled for and terrible service.

  10. I had a similar experience handed him back my pager and left. Beyond the fact that he`s a rude asshole he's quite frankly inept as a greater and security guard. I took my business to About Wellness

  11. Can’t blame you. If it weren’t for the sale I would have. Just so unpleasant and makes you feel stupid for continuing with your purchase.

  12. In all fairness I went there yesterday too (Thursday) they were super nice to me, they always are... but they were getting their butts kicked from open to close with that sale, when I was in the back, several stations were unoccupied which leads me to believe they were short staffed for such a big event.

  13. I was there before they closed and was the last "walk in" since I was a new patient. I called beforehand bc the website wasn't clear on walkins. Door guy was not nice at all, but you could tell he was sick of dealing with mean people all day. When I got to the back, the associate that helped me was wonderful and said they may have had a record breaking day! I'll definitely return. Not bc of the doorman but because the awesome service I received when I got to the back.

  14. I have been there many times and seen a lot more downright childish rudeness and boorish behavior by customers TOWARD the poor door man than I have seen the reverse. He is not running the place, he is the gatekeeper, and an overtasked one at that. Most people who complain are those who think their time is more important than that of everyone else. I have never had an issue with the folks inside the store. Without fail, they have been helpful and willing to answer any questions and add/delete stuff from an order.

  15. I’ve been to this place 10+ times personally. The staff here have been nothing but fantastic every time. The first time you visit can be frustrating because of the amount of people there. They are trying to serve everyone as efficiently as they can but sometimes the numbers of people there are overwhelming. I feel bad for the employees. If you know what you are getting into when you go, (you’re going to have to wait) you’ll be fine. Every disgruntled customer I’ve seen come through there as I’m waiting gets really flustered when they have to wait 20-40 minutes. It’s just a thing until more dispensaries open.

  16. Which is why ohio's medical program is a complete joke. I'm moving back to Colorado and smoking rec weed as soon as I can, it's MUCH higher quality, MUCH cheaper, I don't have to wait forever to get it, and the budtenders are MUCH more knowledgeable.

  17. That guard is def a dick, I've actually spent a few moments of my precious time wondering if it's his own hyped up sense of importance or past rejection that made him that way

  18. I've heard NOTHING but bad things about that place. They will never get my business. About Wellness will always be my go-to place.

  19. not even gonna try them out see so much negative reviews, i’ll stick with About Wellness & Sunnyside where the staff treats you like an actual patient

  20. I’ve only been to that dispensary once back when they were SF and before they went online only. At that time staff was fine to me and their deals/inventory are undeniably good.

  21. I usually hate that place. Couldn't avoid it due to the sale. I was in and out into minutes no problem. Very weird not to have a shitty experience at SF

  22. That’s awful. I’m sorry you had that experience. Should just be able to get our stuff without all that non sense.

  23. People on here acted like I was the rude person when I put up a meme about rude people and potsnobs. Everyone so ready to attack me because THEY haven’t had a bad or multiple bad experiences

  24. I usually don’t have this issue and the staff is very nice. The gaurd has nothing to do with them and they were prob someone who won’t be there for long lol. Idk what to say ab the license tho other than shit happens. I’d maybe say something ab the gaurd tho lol

  25. The guard wasn’t a third party guard. He worked there. Did nothing to ask for the eye roll. Came up to him with a smile and just told him the info he needed. Completely uncalled for

  26. I was there today. The guard on duty at the time of my visit (the same guy it's been my last several visits) is nice as can be. I've seen many customers throw a fit and argue or be aggressive towards dispensary workers or security over the last year and a half and almost every time it's the customers fault. So much entitlement and lack of ability to follow simple instructions.

  27. You Guys in the middle of no where have the best stores somehow lol 😂 bring the exclusive stuff to the city 🌆 these stores buyers have no clue what they are doing for example 3 rise stores in the same Street basically!! Wow 🤩 pretty stupid!

  28. Well, that sucks. I've never had a bad experience here. And it's a TON better than what it was. Even then, people weren't rude, but the wait time was ridiculous. I'm sorry you had a crap ass experience. Especially at the door. First impressions... Tsk.

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