Am I the only one who is dismayed by the lack of high CBD flower in the program?

  1. Fellow PTSD patient here. For me it's more about getting a full spectrum or live product, instead of straight THC. Same concept! It makes all of the difference. BUT. Do not buy CBD flower through this program. Why do that? Go buy it online, in much high quality at much better prices.

  2. Oh, TF is online, they aren't through our program. They are out in Oregon. Yeah, I just bought a concentrate vaporizer so I can start getting live product. I've never understood the craze for straight THC...can you say panic attack city?

  3. Not affiliated in any way, but I buy from Apical Greens. Their prices are great and I have ordered from them for a couple of years with no problems.

  4. They just restocked Shark Shock flower at The Botanist. About 6 months ago I drove 3 hours to get some, but it's local again.

  5. You can currently find shark shock flower at zenleaf Cincinnati verilife Cincinnati and Bloom Cincinnati

  6. Sadly, you're right. I think they created the program as a way to kick eventual recreational legalization down the road a few years and pilot test getting the profits off it. Have their cake and eat it, too.

  7. I just bought the 1:1 layer cake luster pod…loooove! I am a chronic pain sufferer and need to be medicated and be productive at work so this helps me. I have seen shark shock, may try that next. But yes, I don’t use flower, but I am always on the lookout for 1:1 carts/luster pods

  8. Tweedle Farms is way overpriced for what you are getting. Check out Flow Gardens for high quality CBD flower, often even better terp wise than dispensary stuff. The smalls are an amazing value.

  9. I'll check them out, but I do get a veteran discount with Tweedle. Though, without it, I would agree they are priced high.

  10. I asked about this when i got my card too - i am equally dismayed. the selection and prices are poor overall but the lack of even a single real cbd flower option.

  11. I love CBD, but I prefer to dose it myself from another source, other than a overpriced dispensary. I expect my dispensary to supply me my THC, and I can take care of the CBD, elsewhere.

  12. I don't see the point in buying cbd flower in the program. I'd rather buy it online. It's soooo much cheaper and doesn't use days.

  13. I guess my title implies that I want CBD flower in the program. I don't. What I want is Cannabis flower that has CBD in it. As some have pointed out, those strains exist within the program but they are far a few between. I buy my CBD flower online and use my LEVO to make oil as well as just mixing it with Cannabis flower to vape. Regarding the whole "days" discussion...they need to scrap the point system entirely. I keep running out of "days" and have to go back to "my guy" near the end of the month...

  14. If you are looking for high quality CBD flower Maui Mike's just opened their processing facility in Ohio. They are a hemp company that delivers quality CBD grown and flown in from Maui Hawaii. They should be releasing their new web platform this weekend. Check out their products, they will be readily available in Ohio soon!

  15. I bought a pack of redwood reserves the other day. I smoke one in the morning and one in the evening and it tends to help balance my daily med usage.

  16. Your comment got me to research CBD cigarettes, which, I admittedly didn't know was a thing. That brought me to American Shaman CBD Cigarettes. They run $9.99 a pack or a little less if you buy a carton which means they are (obviously) cheaper than than $12.99 Redwood charges so I bought two packs of their menthol ones! Thanks for the tip though!

  17. When I first got my card April of 2020, I was regularly able to get flower with nearly a 1:1 ratio. There were 2 strains specifically that I fell in love with; Ancient Roots Royal Medic (sativa) and Buckeye Relief's Bubblegum. The price started out really good on both, then went up and I haven't been able to find either in almost year. I've been buying cbd hemp flower online and it just doesn't seem to hit the same for me. I don't know if it was the terpenes or what. Several other cultivators had high cbd strains but in guessing they just didn't sell well or they'd still be growing them.

  18. High CBG flower is where it’s at! The clarity and pain relief that comes with it is amazing. CBG is a precursor to either CBD or THC and the plant must be harvested early to achieve high CBG. This is usually why you see small amounts in some of our strains here in Ohio, they harvest too early. I’m really starting to enjoy CBG mixed with THC for pain relief without drowsiness. Not only that, it helps keep your tolerance level down. And after consuming cannabis for over 40 yrs. I really need help with that. Chagrin Valley here in Ohio sells CBG flower. If you really want Cali quality CBD/CBG flower check out Secret Nature. I have tried so many different companies and I go back to them every time. They’re pics online are true to what you get. Last time I got a 1/8 of frosted kush it was 3 massive stinky buds! When you crack the seal on any of them it fills a room.

  19. i just got 2 vapes (1 disposable and 1 cart) that are about a 1:1 ratio from the Botanist. the brand is Rythm. the Botanist has several high CBD products 😊

  20. Check out the pearl concentrates made by Hon. They use CBD as a binding agent for the THCa so there’s a decent amount in them typically

  21. I agree so much! I ask every dispensary I go to if they have or will have CBD/THC flower. When I first got my card that's what I primarily bought, but haven't seen it in forever. I've looked at tweedle farms, but was skeptical so I didnt go through with my order. Fortunately I stumbled upon a person in Washington State that helps me out

  22. Tweedle Farms is legit. They are priced high, but they have a discount for veterans and those with disabilities or the indignant. Plus, you really do get what you pay for. They have quality vape oils (concentrates) that are relatively new.

  23. Ohio is a medicinal program why on earth would they have something like CBD featured instead of 36.8% THC products?!!! (sarcasm) You are not alone!!! I gave up trying to find the high CBD flower in Ohio dispensaries and started ordering it online. It is what I use most of.

  24. The problem is those strains sit on the shelves. There were a lot more out there when I started in the program two years ago.

  25. You didn't read through the comments to see this, but I have already clarified that I have been buying CBD flower online. Several people have said the same thing...just goes to show how poor reading comprehension skills have become.

  26. No. It is a tragedy. It makes my anxiety go crazy when I even think about how ignorant they must be higher up to make it this way. And I don’t even have my medical card for anxiety.. oh let’s make the most medicinal part of the plant .03%……. A loss for words

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