Jungle Mac (Wi-Fi OG x MAC) sneak peek By Buckeye Relief sativa dominant hybrid

  1. They have some of the best strains in Ohio. Seems like Everytime I go to the dispensary I end up coming home with something from buckeye relief

  2. I just paid $67 dollars for 8.4g at %24 since its 30% off today for BR at Columbia Care today...I can't wait to try it and I got a killer deal!

  3. They were$100 a piece for 8.49 but I bought two and since I spent $200 I got $30 off so $10 a gram. That's with tax. I'm a deal shopper I'm picky about what I want so I search for the deals my goal is to pay $10 for per gram or less I've been pretty successful except for the garlic cookies which is always too expensive

  4. Hell yeah man. I always try to do the same thing as well. I really like the airo carts at the moment as well

  5. Me too. It's been one of my favorite sativa dominant strands I've had so far this in the street sauce Buckeye relief is really bringing it to the table

  6. Same here! This is a more clear-headed focus type head buzz this and the straight sauce. Are the two most forgiving sativas I've had so far. The one strained that never makes me anxious is the sherbhead. What about edibles I can't even touch them. Just thinking about taking them makes me anxious. LOL

  7. I got and 8 g bag from the botinist today and I love it ... Fire for sure!!! If you like this try Donny burger by superflux if you get a chance!!!

  8. Just got some smalls super impressed. And I by Woodward,Gro,. I know it's supposed to be as sativa but is definitely a hybrid high. Everything from buckeye relief will be on sale 20% off tomorrow at g-leaf and Warren if anyone sees this. And they just got a huge drop of everything including stuff that's not even listed on this Reddit thread. I'm down to one day so I just bought this and some buckle. Smoke good my friends.

  9. It's a really super strain I purchased this one at tarasana and Springfield but I know that they have it at Columbia care in Dayton the forest in Springfield . It's out there right now look at some of the dispensary websites cuz it won't be around for long hopefully they come back with it in the regular rotation

  10. They want 125.00$plus tax for a 8grams...I think it's over priced for just 8Gs.. usually is11Gs for that price...better be fire my issue is Sunnyside dispensary.i just bought two 2.88 of voleny at28%thc and looks beautiful the issue is it's way dry..from last yr..the date is 9-12-2021..thats6/7months.. old..bull crap.what I'm getting at is this item has bn on their menu forever also so I'm worried I pay that price for some old dried up bud..which I could look at before I buy obviously just it's wrong..shld be sold very cheap which Its not..I can get most 11.32Gs for112.00$.of chem og or others that are fire..so why shld I kill my wallet.

  11. I know this post was a few weeks ago, but I just picked up an oz of Jungle MAC @ Liberty Cannabis in Ann Arbor for $110 an oz ($128 and change w/tax). Definitely worth the drive from Ohio. Just figured that I'd let you know, in case you were still wanting some.

  12. In Jungle Mac the highest testing terps are myrcene and linalool which makes it more of a relaxing effect. There's lots of dispos around Michigan that carry it!

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