NYC Flo - Smalls from Buckeye Relief. I'm pleasantly surprised by this half oz! Nugs range from super smalls to medium sized, the smell is like a slightly fruity and earthy coffee, taste is the same way, with more citrusy raisins and earthiness at the front, and hits of sweet coffee in the back.

  1. The title cut me off lol, but the effects on this strain absolutely blew me away, super heavy behind the eyes, with noticeable loss of pain and tingling throughout the body. Leaves your mind super foggy and has me feeling faded and super giggley and happy. This is an A1 strain so far!

  2. I'm really enjoying it! The flavor reminds me of sherbhead minus the fruity sherbet taste, and the effects are perfect for me

  3. Yes, macro lense function, I take most of my pictures that way, only editing I do is if the lighting is off but this pic is unedited

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