Ohio House Republicans propose bill legalizing marijuana for recreational use

  1. All I gotta say is Medical Patients should have more rights than Recreational users. For example Product Amount, the 70% concentrated limit rule (Or give Patients more quality) etc. I think they should fix the Medical Program first and decriminalize 100% (No Fine or Penalties) before trying to mess with a Recreational Market. The Ohio Medical Cannabis program is a mess

  2. Why should anyone be limited? If the system is broken, fix it for all. Find a model from a legal state and work to implement it. Adding extra layers of rules and regulations only increases unneeded government intervention. Rights for all. Don’t bring back the days of 3.2 beer

  3. 6 plants not 3 . If not I'm already doing it so kiss my ass. I'm grown arrest me for growing. I give 2 shits anymore. People comfort and wellness is more important to me than these man made laws. Of growing flowers.

  4. I honestly think we need to fix the medical laws before we will gain any traction for recreational legalization. We are headed in the right direction, especially with the ones reaching out, but with all the politics I feel like they are gonna keep denying it until the benefits / studies (especially comparing it to alcohol) become apparent to the House and General publics eyes. Pretty sad honestly… marijuana should of never been illegal in the first place and recreational legalization is only going to help our local economy.

  5. For what it’s worth, I work in this industry right now, and I anticipate there will be quite a need for those of us who prefer to stay within the healthcare and medical/advocacy, access to care, public health, education.

  6. That's the importance of voting and voting for the right people.Not just on this issue,but issues that all Ohioans are going to be subjected to due to DeWine's agenda.

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