I got the Layer Cake strain . It is definitely a indica . I couldn’t touch this pod during the day 🤣🤣 but pods are awesome 🙏🏻

  1. Favorite strain in the program. Vaping on 1:1 right now. Only has 380mg of thc, but still good in my opinion. Dont notice myself puffing on it anymore than a normal one. Love the flower even more.

  2. It ended up being $60 on sale at strawberry fields . If you don’t have a battery, try and get a kit on sale ☺️

  3. No two different pods. But you can regularly find luster pod starter kits with a pod + battery for around $52 on sale

  4. I would consider myself a heavy user and a pod lasts me about 3 days if I'm using just a pod. I've never counted the hits though. When I mix in edibles or tincture I can get about a week.

  5. I couldn’t tell you how many hits , but I smoke on it daily and lasts me 2 weeks just about . But I also smoke flower

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