Pick a sativa and an indica you have to smoke for life ! One pick one of each and gooooo!

  1. Sherbhead for a Indica Dominant Hybrid. And Biodiesel or Orange 43 for sativa. Anything from Rivera Creek! All of these strains I'd get from the batches from last year when they still had bags and went by Calex Peak!

  2. SHERBHEAD / Klutch Cannabis aka Calyx Peak had me spaced tf out lol. I liked the GARLICCOOKIES from Rivera Creek.

  3. Green crack (I know not on our program) and wedding cake (I know we have but again not from our program) close second would be white widow (not from our program again)

  4. Granddaddy purple for indica, and Cinderella 99 for sativa. If I had to pick from just inside our program, I’d say crushed berries (technically hybrid but indica leaning), and 92 cookies.

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