More of that Sunset! Had to go back for a third jar! ❤️

  1. They have some at Bloom in P’ville. I was told it was supposed to taste really good, as I like fruit/citrus/sweet tastes in my flower. The Sunset Sherbert LOOKS great! But it doesn’t taste that good. If you want some good-looking flower that’s coated in trichomes, has a great taste, and has some purple colored buds, get your hands on the original Runtz. If anyone has any suggestions on a really good-tasting strain, preferably indica but can also be sativa (most hybrids I’ve tried seem to have little effect). Any help would be much appreciated! Btw, Firelands Scientific’s indica live resin Tally Mon cart and the indica Klutch carts are potent and the ‘999’ tastes good. The Klutch Motor Breath indica carts are great as well! Especially if you have trouble sleeping.

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