Thoughts On Klutch Products?

  1. Great flower. Haven’t had a bad batch ever and I’ve had at least 7 of their strains. Really like Sherbhead and Orange 43.

  2. Motorbreath cart is the best cart I've had of theirs. Triangle Mintz and Orange 43 carts coming in close seconds. The flower is always on point, I've tried sherbhead, catfish, and motorbreath which are all great choices. Catfish being my personal favorite of the three. Also have some unopened Orange 43 flower that I have yet to try but I hear it's great.

  3. I love their flower and I just got some of their cold cure has rosin I like but their pods are a little lacking for me

  4. I feel like Klutch gets some of the best reviews for flower on here. Only have had Orange 43 and it was on point!

  5. Their flower is typically really good and I just got two of their carts for the first time. Motorbreath and Heatlocker 510 threaded carts. Both are really good.

  6. I have yet to pay over $9g for klutch...and i have tried most of their line....very good and Consistent....that's what's important....Trust.....

  7. Well they introduced their concentrates at $90 and haven't lowered the price. They use excessive amounts of CBD isolate. They legit added CBD to rosin and I've seen luster pods with 100+ mg cbd. Klutch in my opinion is the absolute worst brand in the program and 100% profits over patients

  8. Almost every company in the program is about profits. If they weren’t, why bother opening the doors? At the end of the day, it’s still a business.

  9. O43 and ICC are some of my go to flowers. Some of the best, most consistent in the entire program. They rival WW with those two strains.

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