Woodward Sunset Sherbet

  1. The best that it has been in a while! Perfect cure. Great taste! Wish I would have bought 6 jars like the other guy!

  2. I don’t know that last time sunset was around was just magic. I’m very pleased with this batch but I think the last one was better

  3. It's has nothing to do with the percentages when it's a a few percent it she's to do with the flush, harvest/cure, and the phenotype a lot of these companies are running more than one phenotype thats why the flower isn't consistent they are still dialing some thing in hopefully within this next year they get all of the strains they've had a regular strains down to a T needs to happen sooner or later or the black market will always win out

  4. Batch in April was definitely better nugs we're denser and there were just light hues of purple this is probably a different pheno Glad I didn't grab now

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