Container Labels - delta 9 thc

  1. They're just specifying what THC type it is. They're all including the delta 9 THC and THCA results. But I'm pretty sure they're supposed to start including THCv and delta 8 levels too. At least on processed items

  2. The THC% and delta 9 THC% are the same, basically meant to be the amount of natural THC in the product… I’d watch out for delta 8 products, the other comment sorta mentioned it but some cultivators were sorta fraudulent in the early days adding it to vapes and flower to bump up “total THC” numbers. You might notice that over the last few months, numbers have consistently gone down

  3. Total thc = delta 9THC + ((0.88)x(THCa)) give or take. Each company uses a slightly different formula to account for the compustion reaction that occurs when THCa is converted into delta9

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