Galenas Fans/Haters

  1. I love Galenas but they are 100% overpriced. Honestly I think Pure Ohio Wellness can’t be topped, the flower is also organic/pesticide free and much cheaper

  2. I like galenas for the organic thing and some of their strains are super unique, but they definitely aren't the only grower I buy from. Farkas has been really good especially lately. Have been wanting to try OCL but I never see them in the stores I shop at. Lately it seems like everything besides Buckeye and Grow Ohio is expensive.

  3. I personally didn't try galenas for a awhile due to prices and hearing it was over rated. Plus like you said it's hard to be adventurous when it costs a fourtune to do so, I've been very much just sticking with what I've had and knows works for my symptoms. Recently my dispo had a half of Second breakfast for 104 after tax so I snatched it up because I've NEVER seen galenas so cheap ( and I've paid 75 out the door for a half of BlackJack from Grow Ohio of FULL SIZE BUDS) , now it's not bad don't get me wrong a decent hybrid not my fav but decent but I can def see where the complaints of not curing right and smelling and tasing like grass and hay lol.

  4. I did the cheap second breakfast half. It was good out of the gate but it felt like some buds had terps and others didn’t. Plus I had like 80 pieces of weed in a half. Never seen that before. It was def some hype weed.

  5. Woodward was a very dependable brand. That's all I would get until last year. Animal Face was/is my favorite strain above everything else that's been produced in this program. Anything they produced I'd recommend before last year. I don't know what happened to them but they've become hit and miss. I'd still recommend Blueberry Cheesecake by Fire Rock. Riviera's GC is very good but expensive. They have a strain called Blue Steel I'd recommend.

  6. I tried Second Breakfast a few months ago and it was pretty 🔥. A lot of posters on here have said good things about Astral Destiny so I might try that when my days reset.

  7. I buy from them as well, not exclusively but I think their product is pretty decent and they have a Tropicana cookies cart (one of my facorite strains)

  8. I've tried out the Blueberry Cookies and Second Breakfast. Blueberry Cookies had great flavor but mild effects. Second Breakfast had mild flavor and great effects. So I mixed the two and was a happy camper. That is until they started charging the same price for 11.32 as I was paying for 14.5 so I stopped buying Galenas unless I find a sale on it.

  9. I usually get something from them each drop. Electric Peanut Butter Cookies and Gorilla Nut are fire. Never had problems with them.

  10. The second breakfast 1/2 oz of smalls I bought were not good. Not cured long enough maybe idk for sure why it sucked. I have purchased from pow recently and was happy with the product and price

  11. Galenas is absolute trash. People like it but I have no idea how. Especially for the money you pay, there are way better options available. Organic doesnt always mean better, or cleaner. It's a trendy buzzword these days and for it me means nothing. Does it really matter if its grown in soil or not? Galenas uses pesticides by the way, not that it matters to me that much, but you can see that they do on the Botanist handout with all of the companies listed with what pesticides they currently use. Woodward has a far better product and so does Klutch, and Woodward uses no pesticides.

  12. I totally agree. I have tried lilac diesel, 2nd breakfast, snowball. Snowball is the only 1 I liked. The buds looked decent and ground fine, but terrible peppery flavor. I think I have tried all the brands. IMO for bud density (trichomes and flower, not stem) as well as flavor and effects, I like Klutch, Woodward, Buckeye Relief, and Riviera Creek. I also like Ohio Clean Leaf for flavor and effects, however their center bud stems are quite large. This is not a super complaint because their buds are larger than the above listed brands and normally come in 14 gram containers (containers are also great because easy to open and large enough to fit the smaller jars with some bovedas in to moisten).

  13. Fair warning, this guy has some kind of weird grudge against Galenas and I assume he either got fired from them or he otherwise has some kind of weird fixation. But he's incorrect about the soil thing. Galenas sources their soil from this place:

  14. They also do “smalls” marketed as flower 🌸 better than anyone in the program…. Galenas. The best smalls in the game !!

  15. Galenas is great but their pricing really is no different than other cultivators. When it comes down to it, the prices are set by the dispensaries. Prices are high due to a lack of competition and lack of grow space.

  16. How are you contacting them? Some will only respond back on certain platforms because of the rules. The best way I've found is usually their website but some will on Instagram/Facebook. Some are really quick about getting back to you and others will take a day or 2. Technically there's only certain ways they can even communicate with patients. I honestly think most brands in our program have things they can work on. One might be better about one thing but worse at another. What one patient might LOVE another might hate. I just try to use other patients reviews/pictures to get a idea at least on what it looks like. You'll probably find other patients with tastes similar to yours

  17. If they had an available email address, I hit that up. If not, I have sent them direct messages via IG. TBH, I have been following this sub for a bit and all of the pics and reviews are awesome. It helps out tremendously. But it's also subjective and it's hard to spot the advertisers vs the true reviews. Also looking to keep my money in Ohio. I couldn't believe it but it is so hard to find out who owns what and if they are even located in Ohio. Not that it matters a lot, but I like to support my local.

  18. I have made several attempts to contact Galenas from their website: Contact Us form, lol, and have never been answered. If anyone from Galenas is reading this please check your website/customer service!!! Thankfully other patients were helpful but lack of response makes me tend to look elsewhere.

  19. Galenas is hit or miss for me. Astral Destiny is excellent and maybe my fav strain in the program. I also really enjoyed their Electric PB cookies. Gorilla Nut and Snowball were both good but not great. Second Breakfast was a big disappointment for me.

  20. I buy Galenas most of the time. I agree their prices are high but honestly, they aren't any higher than Klutch or Woodward. Verano and Riviera Creek are consistently more expensive than Galenas. I've found some of their lower potency strains like Lilac Diesel and Gorilla Puff to be my favorites, and Blueberry Cookies is IMO the best flower I've had in Ohio.

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