Budino by Klutch. I'll give this an 8.7 out of 10. The appearance of the buds is outstanding and the effects were outstanding, but I dont deem it to be in the 9+ score range which is reserved for the elite strains in this program. I would not say this strain is elite, but it's close to it.

  1. Well everyone has different preferences so that will be something you have to figure out for yourself. The strains that have worked for me are Greasy Runtz by Certified, Ice Cream Cake by Klutch and Astril Destiny by Galenas. I am sure people will disagree with me, but that is okay. Everybody has their cup of tea, and that is what works for me. I hope everyone gets to find their 9+ stain.

  2. Galenas has a few that I mentioned above if you haven't tried them, I also loved the astral it really is a wonderful strain I got the critical x and it didn't disappoint. Lemon dosidos (and regular dosi) has crept up on me in terms of a new favorite strain. I took Leafly advice on trying it as it was strain of the year, it's in so many different strains anymore that it's a must.

  3. This is only the second time I have bought Klutch flower, but their Ice Cream Cake flower is amazing. I have tried the Klutch pods as well and their Sunkissed pod was absolute fire. I really liked their Sundae Driver pod as well.

  4. Electric peanut butter cookies from galenas as well as the blueberry cookies, both were top tier in my opinion. Garlic is always nice but I grew tired of it, grabbed budino from klutch as well as lemon slushie, to be determined on how those pan out, they smell and look amazing however.

  5. Ur tripping for klutch and buckeye relief are the best n Ohio n Woodward is trash anymore and over hyped.. straight up I've bn a four yr programer n all I buy is klutch and buckeye relief..hands down the best . anything from cresco is nasty n trash..im38ive smoked DAILY since I was14and I mean daily I run out of days I'm a heavy smoker I served in the corps so plz enlighten me who is better then my two champions..and which strains u think...now the pineapple stuff by anyone is trash blue berry trash..but what works for u may not for others..like this is a9for 10s don't exist for they're unicorns..so in a 1-10scale it's..well shit u may be right in the scale but Ong what's bttr..his dare u say that n nkt tell us who is bttr n which strain...ur teasing ppl

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