MAG Landrace by Verano

  1. Bad Gammar Warning. I am actually very interested in this strain can you provide if it was any better because it was a land race strains than any of the other gas in the program or if there was anything significantly special about it compared to any of the other flower in the program just wondering.

  2. Oh cool, glad to see they brought this strain to Ohio. Tried it a couple years back in Maryland it was nice. Tasty. Now it’s $50 a 10th unfortunately lol but..

  3. Ahh, I've been wanting to try this! A lot of folks in Illinois were talking up this strain in a FB group Im in. After reading about it I wrote Cresco and someone else about bringing it to Ohio haha. They never responded but this is good to see. My dispo doesn't have it yet, fingers crossed. Thanks for sharing!

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