I'm trying to decide which one to get between a half oz of MAC 1 from Klutch, Astral Destiny from Galenas, or Gorilla Puff from Galenas. Price isn't a huge concern, but Gorilla Puff is the cheapest and MAC 1 costs the most. What would you guys go with? Thanks for the input!

  1. Astral Destiny might be my favorite strain in the whole program. I buy a tenth every time I go to the dispensary, sometimes 2. Love how it relaxes me and clears my head.

  2. Gorilla puff taste just like some banging lemonade and it has good medical benefits for me But you really can’t go wrong with some Mac Not a fan of astral destiny

  3. MAC1 by Klutch all the way. Even though it doesn't have much of a taste compared to Ice Cream Cake or Sherbhead, it's way better than Galenas. With the exception of Snowball from Galenas, they all taste very peppery in flavor, not at all as described. Also, the buds from Klutch are always tight and dense. Galenas imo is a much looser bud on larger stems. Half oz from Klutch is hard to find, you can pick up Galenas anytime.

  4. Thanks for the info. The MAC 1 would be 5 tenths not an actual half. That's why I said it would be significantly more money. I'm probably going to get the MAC 1, though.

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