Has anyone tried Rivera Creek Luster pods? I noticed the botanist has .5g pods from them.

  1. I tried the garlic cookies cart they had and it was meh for me, granted I wasn't a huge fan of the flower, but the volney cart I had was absolute fire.

  2. Purchased the garlic cookies today. Overall I would put it on par (but definitely not better) with Klutch or BFE. Flavor and effects are good but not overwhelmingly "garlic". The price could be better $48 pre tax and pre sale, got for $41 OTD today. Pods are black as opposed to clear so can't see the liquid very well.

  3. I haven’t tried them- I did notice that they are distillate pods whereas the other luster pods I think all come in CO2. I usually tend to prefer the CO2 or live resin option but they could be good. I did see garlic cookies too.

  4. Good catch, hopefully they mirror the smell/taste of the flower. I dont mind distillate as long as it taste similar to flower, alor of distillate carts I've had tasted very similar. So 🤞🏽

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