Why is OH marijuana becoming unaffordable?

  1. I’m on track to spend over 6000 bucks this year, the prices are bogus and the thc cap is bogus. The lack of growers in our state is bogus. I do not want to grow my own, but definitely support it being a thing obviously.

  2. I used to deliver to a grower and the impression I got was that when the MM law was passed it pretty much gave a monopoly to a select group of individuals.

  3. 7000k invested in 21 years should be 440k. just something to consider.( that includes continual principle investments.

  4. Yeah prices are nuts. For this petition, I would highly recommend everyone share as much as possible. The more reads and article traffic, the more news outlets tend to cover it.

  5. Its pretty simple, the State of Ohio doesn't care about the medical program, all of your complaints do not matter because the State doesn't even want marijuana here, they only want the tax money. Higher prices makes for more taxes....there, now you never have to complain about it again!

  6. because we have a Fox guarding the hen house situation. Human greed being what it is, and with nothing stopping them, The cartel is taking full advantage of the situation and charging every last dollar that they possibly can, while they can.

  7. Shop pure phio, buy the sales and the potd. That's $18 per tenth, totalling 180 an oz, but wait, you get a discount if you buy an oz so now it's like 160 for that oz

  8. Spending $300 an oz on avg sometimes more and then running out of days because I like tier 2s is pretty goofy. I’d love to grow my own 6 plants maybe 3 of this and 3 of that and keep some in rotation. I also think I could do a better job curing as well. I’m not a pro but I do know I’ve been getting damp harsh flowers for tier 2 days and tier 3 prices and I’m pretty sick of it. I’ve just this program last month started my second set of 45 days this past Friday and I’m already thinking I’m ready to go back to the street where the oz were only 180-200oz and never had to be surprised with a harsh nasty taste

  9. It sounds like a good time to stop buying from them and going back to the “old ways” for a while! Seen some local stuff that’s as good if not better than the dispensary stuff!

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