A small wish list from an Ohio patient...

  1. It is called a tax and it used to pay bills. Have you checked prices in other places? Ohio will improve with time. The state has improved it in many ways already.

  2. There is not employment protection. They can fire you because they don't like your shoes. Don't make excuses, get your card.

  3. The way oHIo is moving Pennsylvania will have legal rec b4 we do. Insane these morons keep selling at top shelf prices for smalls that would be best for rosin/kief/oil production rather than vaping. How many years and still no half oz or oz in reg. sized buds? Shameful and not having a strain that ppl are buying available. Nothing is more frustrating than going to your local dispensary only to find out they are all out and no more is coming in. A pharmacy would not do that and neither would a tobacco or alcohol seller..... but here we are and oh yeah no banking or credit/debit cards accepted. Shameful.

  4. I'm not sure about pre employment testing for State jobs (which doesn't typically happen in clerical jobs but depends on the agency), but for random testing, you can verify you have a medical card after they receive the test results. And only the administrative testing agency knows; they report to your agency that you passed, which is pretty nice.

  5. I mean you can home grow.. you can have a QP on you in Ohio and it's fine only. Just don't have a warehouse full of plants.

  6. Has anyone had good luck with higher than 70% thc extraxts? I have found in MI that most live resins like ours in Ohio arent past 70% with decent terps. I have bought MANY Element 90 plus thc% and have concluded thc% is all BS. Good TERPS and Quality IN, Quality OUT is the Ticket! If you look around, what i would buy that is comparable to Ohio is right at 70%....Interesting for all the people complaining about the 70% . BTW... Any Element or Humblebee product at 75%-85% kinda sucked compred to good extract with good terps in Ohio. My point is, looks like whether in Mich or Ohio, the best extracts are right at 70% I dont find any more enjoyment from the shittier tasting, high THC testing strains in Michigan.

  7. Yeah but imagine getting d8 (prior to the change) and CBD filler in there and being happy. Why limit it?

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