Really debating on getting the luster kit , is it worth it ? I’m a daily smoker with a high tolerance

  1. Hate to say I used to think these had to be all hype and Ohio couldn’t get anything right, but holy shit is this the one thing we got right lol

  2. How long do they normally last specially with someone who has a high tolerance ? Normally I dab or smoke the herb once in while I’ll get carts or the rythm pens feel like they just don’t do if for me like a dab or flower but love to try new things

  3. It's seriously awesome. The grow ohio pods are amazingly tasty,with thick c02 oil. Stay clear of the klutch Pods. My favorite pods are layer cake and limestone.

  4. I been hitting on this black jack pod for 7 days, I only hit it at work, I work 8 to 10 hours a day and I stay medicated all day. These def last longer then the klutch pods imo. The oil is thick

  5. I just grabbed a Mac and Cheese starter kit from GO, and a Triple Chocolate Chip pod from them, too. They are better than a 510, IMO. The M&C is my personal favorite of the two. The TCC is okay, but I find it somewhat harsh. I find the taste better than 510s overall, and the smell is closer to actual smoke.

  6. If you can afford it spring for the dr dabber switch. Best decision i ever made. Makes all my medicine flower or concentrates last so much longer. Also if your a taste or terp chaser this machine is ahead of its time and simply amazing. You still have to clean your glass but temps are precise and it has its own cleaning mode .

  7. Yes! I’d still recommend their triple chocolate chip. I bought one after all of them failed/leaked/clogged in the past but I think it might’ve been a bad battery. Because they do have clogging issues sometimes make sure you don’t buy it at Rise bc they specifically told me yesterday that we STILL have to go through the company and I told her no, there was a letter that went out saying all the dispensaries can accept defective products AND refund days in real time. They said they wouldn’t, I told them that was against the board and I would never shop there again. EVER. Not George’s and no other Rise. I’m contacting the board tomorrow actually about it. And the Attorney General. I’ve only had two not so great visits, but it’s not the staff so much than Corporate prices, policies and games

  8. For whatever reason the pods or carts for that matter have very little affect on me. Flower works just fine. Dabbing also. But pods give me about a 90 second head rush and that’s about it. Perhaps I’m not inhaling long enough or taking enough hits??

  9. It's definitely worth the money and my opinion they hit better than the round carts. I smoke daily and have a high tolerance and one usually lasts me 2 days. Get it you won't be disappointed!

  10. Go for it. You won’t be disappointed. Their Sorbetto is my fave tho. Been really disappointed with the luster pod selection on the Forest’s (Sandusky) menu lately. They’ve had nothing but the same 2 shitty klutch pods for weeks.

  11. If I get the butterfly effect luster pod kit will any pod there fit that battery too or just there pods?

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