Klutch employee's thoughts on Ohio Medical Marijuana patients during yesterday's outage.

  1. Ohio's medical marijuana program is at best a joke. It makes the rich get richer. Your average joe can't afford the dispensary prices. Not to mention mediocre quality medicine. People get the card and buy from the black market. That's the way it's been from day one. Ohio needs to fully legalize and walk away from the corporate machine bullshit

  2. find me an out of state menu that has multiple options with thc% consistently at 30% and higher. I can understand complaining about pricing but saying the medicine is “mediocre” is just not true..

  3. We are opening in Rossford as soon as the licenses are released. The Gov. is the hold up at the moment. City is on board for a grow & dispensary but DuhWine is a road block.

  4. You're right and I don't disagree with any of that at all, but why would you shell out the money for the card and then buy black market? I definitely prefer buying from the dispo but yeah this program is a joke and just yet another way to funnel endless amounts of money to the 1%

  5. I agree, the pricing is ridiculous! Especially considering the pathetic quantities... I mean wtf is the deal with selling products that are 0.89 or .78 grams?! It's almost as if it is designed to fail. 2 years in, and the program is still being run like it's in it's first week. Someone, somewhere, has to have a conscious? Lol. Damn...for $82 plus tax at least give me the whole gram?🤣🤯

  6. Right? Obviously they've never been at the pharmacy behind a boomer whose order is 5 minutes late.

  7. The ohio medical program is a joke from the cultivators to the dispensaries. The dispensary i go to is absolutely terrible, bit its closest one to me at a 45 min drive. If anything has made me (a 10 year + pothead ) feel like a junkie, its because of the medical program rules make me feel like a junkie. Crack prices and tease you with the day system. The black market is still better at this point.

  8. In my experience of helping run a dispensary. Klutch is one of the worst cultivators/processors to deal with.

  9. As a grower you should keep your mouth shut & grow. Calling the patients junkies is out of line. I have been a legal grower & caregiver for longer than you bunk ass growers have had a law. Maybe they tried to go elsewhere because what you have is garbage. You dont know everyones situation & their finances so to assume you do makes you the ass. Try getting better at your craft before you start to talk about the people who need it. All you growers in OH better get on the ball before we open up shop because then you go to the lower shelves. We have everything in order & just waiting on state to release our licenses. 20 more growers in the state soon & we will show its supposed to be done. Patients FIRST! without them you are nothing! Land purchased & city pushing for us to be there. The clock is ticking for the quality of the meds grown in OH to go UP! Check out the insta if you want to see quality 😉

  10. Hopefully 1 or more of these will be on clermont county. Excited to see the next level of growers as I've not been greatly impressed by many strains offered right now. I've been a pot consumer for 30 yrs this yr lmao and when I do on occasion find a noteworthy product I am usually not able to find it again. Frustrating ar the least

  11. It's always nice to see how Ohio cannabis industry people really feel about Patients enrolled in the OMMCP. Junkies and fiends. Completely uncalled for.

  12. As a dispensary employee myself in the patient care aspect of cannabis this PISSES ME OFF BEYOND BELIEF. I cannot explain how awful this stereotype of “anyone can get a card nobody really thinks it medicine”. Not true. And everyday I am blown away at just how incredibly amazing these patients transform. This bothers me. We are a patient care state for cannabis. Atleast treat the patients that way- they use it for real things.

  13. It sucks that people join the industry for the wrong reason. I can’t imagine ever having that kind of attitude while working in the legal industry. That person probably hasn’t seen a patient with MS who couldn’t walk on her first visit to the dispensary without her walker to walking 6 months later because of products you produce. It’s a life changing look on the plant. Everything I strive to do is 100000% patient focused. I feel sadness for that employee :(

  14. Glad I seen this. What was this posted on? I’ve never seen an employee of a company post something like this publicly.

  15. Yea it’s not like the shits expensive as fuck and we’re basically getting shorted every single time we buy anything

  16. Well this is just damn shameful. Klutch produces my favorite products in the system. I also vote with my wallet so I guess I can't buy from them anymore since apparently they literally see themselves as providing overpriced drugs to junkies and addicts. If that's how they feel, then they clearly have no moral compass and legitimately are ok with taking advantage or everyone and anyone possible, just to make some quick easy cash. There is no empathy or compassion, only business models and profitability. Your dying Grandmother? Thats pure profit! Your adult child with epilepsy? MORE profit! Veterans with PTSD? How can we screw them over even harder than the country already has? Profit from their suffering obviously! Also btw, all those people are worthless junkies. What even the fuck? Klutch can kindly go fuck themselves now.

  17. Not only that, I think klutch needs to add a spelling and comprehension section on their application. Because the person that wrote that thread cannot spell and has horrible punctuation.

  18. The only good thing that i can honestly say about Ohio's MMJ program is that it exists. The "proverbial" foot is in the door. To the best of my knowledge, Noone has contracted "Reefer Madness" yet, so perhaps things are looking up?

  19. I have PTSD. Marijuana is literally the ONLY thing that is helping my anxiety currently. It's been a godsend. This behavior makes me feel so much worse and gives me anxiety about purchasing now. Thanks a fucking lot, Klutch. Never purchasing your shit again.

  20. I have PTSD and I struggle with anxiety around the stigma also. Even though it’s legal for me, I’m a mom, so I constantly worry that I’d be judged or have CPS called on me if people find out. I know that’s the anxiety talking but to hear that opinion from someone in the industry is really discouraging.

  21. As if I needed a reason to never buy clutch garbage sub par product again. DONE WITH KLUTCH!!!!

  22. From a professional point of view, if I did that at my job, I would be in the unemployment line. That guy's name needn't be redacted. The company needs to be aware of this and how it reflects on their already tarnished reputation. Simply put, I'm appalled.

  23. The program is essentially recreational in a white doctors coat, which Klutch endorses. The program has never been about the patients. This is further proof of how many things need changed.

  24. This doesn't surprise me from Klutch. They're one of the most unprofessional companies I've ever dealt with. They block and delete any comment they don't like from social media

  25. There was a guy on here months back named “Klutch2020” or something like that. He only posted about how Klutch rocked and Woodward sucked. Swore up and down he wasn’t a shill, just a “big fan”

  26. Yeah because one moron of an employee speaks for a whole brand. Guess you should avoid Kroger, Walmart, all fast food establishments, restaurants, bars...any place where a single moronic opinion spoils for you an entire brand.

  27. I knew I didn't like them when I discovered their luster pods aren't transparent like the ones from Butterfly Effect/Grow Ohio. Sure I can use a flashlight to see the oil level, but still. Bastards...

  28. Exactly. Can't even spell correctly. And with the apparent perspective on things, strikes me as your stereotypical Ohio redneck.

  29. Apparently they don't realize that Saturdays are the only days some of us can go due to dispensary hours. This will definitely sway my decision on future product purchases from them.

  30. Marijuana just straight up isn't addictive enough to be a "junkie" or a "fiend". You might want it, but you're not going around stealing your sick mother's disability money to get it like a real junkie. Imagine calling a diabetic a "junkie" because they're pissed that the pharmacy is out of insulin

  31. Yeah this is flat out garbage. Someone needs to post the name. And Klutch needs to say something otherwise they’re effectively in agreement with the statement in my opinion. I definitely will not be purchasing Klutch items until they specifically do something about this person.

  32. Yeah this is flat out garbage. Someone needs to post the name. And Klutch needs to say something otherwise they’re effectively in agreement with the statement in my opinion. I definitely will not be purchasing Klutch items until they specifically do something about this person.

  33. What are people going to do when their favorite strain for relief is no longer available because it's not the "it" strain right now and the grower decides to move on to "better" strains that are hopping off the shelves? Like Cinderella99 and Harlequin both have some strong medicinal properties, but they are not popular among those not suffering from an illness. Harlequin especially should be in each and every medical dispensary in the Country. Find the best strain of it then the best phenotype and make sure every State has cuttings of it or seeds as it's easier and better to grow with seeds, or better yet let us patients have a choice to grow and make it as many plants as we need.

  34. Can't say I'm surprised to see this. Klutch has been the most unprofessional grower in the program since I acquired my card. Their social media team shares posts of people smoking flower, driving with flower and vapes out in their vehicles, and other clearly illegal things. I know people combust (who doesn't) but the fact that they just disregard the laws in the state really rubs me the wrong way. Their products aren't my favorite at all, anyway,

  35. Even if that were the case, isn't that how prescriptions work? You get a refill. How is that any different from any other prescription. Granted my use isn't medical 🤷‍♂️

  36. This is what I feel we ALL SHOULD DO.... LETS TAKE A STAND AND NOT BUY FROM THEM FROM ONE MONTH.. They don't know what people are going through and if the company let's their employees post shit like this then I want no part of the company.. Your employee's are supposed to represent the company well IMO he has shown me I want no part in funding this company and buy their products... #F$CK Klutch

  37. Too bad the Ohio MMJ program enforces this behavior by encouraging daily purchasing so that patients don't "lose their days".

  38. No. Because we as patients have to be better than the system as a whole and it's parts. I have had to contact the state previously because cultivators were doxxing patients from private FB groups and using their legal names here on Reddit and in advertisements on social media.

  39. I know I’ll get downvoted for this but I hear what he’s saying even though he was really rude about it. I’ve seen people flip the fuck out at dispensary’s because they couldn’t get any meds for one reason or another. If you actually need your meds than you should plan for scenarios like this. Personally I try and re-up a few days before I’m about to run out.

  40. While you make a valid point it in no way is an excuse for this employees behavior. I don't have an MBA but I am pretty sure you learn early on NOT to insult your customers. In particular referring to patients as junkies and fiends. This is especially true when many of those patients are formerly opioid dependent and use MMJ as a safer alternative.

  41. Some people don't have the extra money to buy extra or stay stocked up. Some people are only available on the weekends How often are you not able to pick up your prescription from the pharmacy? This type of thing shouldn't happen as often as it does. Plus Klutch as a cultivator don't really have to deal with it like the dispensaries

  42. In my situation I ran out of days then went to Florida where I’m not allowed to take my meds I finished what I had before I left expecting to be able to get more when I got back. I got back Friday night after the dispensaries closed so I literally couldn’t get any more before Saturday or I would have. Of course there’s no reason to flip out on the dispensary because it’s not their fault the system went down. IMO this whole thing with klutch could’ve been avoided if they went by the “if you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all” rule. People can have opinions but they don’t need to share them with everyone

  43. No offense but some people have a life and the closest dispensary is 1-2 hours away so we literally zero other options for MMJ. Ive also waited at verdant and multiple other dispensaries for HOURS just to be turned away because they care too much about money. Patients should be pissed about every aspect of this shit program. I only go about one every 3 weeks when I have the time and funds. I even caregive for others that can’t make their own dispensary trips. A dispensary will lose out on over $1200 in purchases everytime I’m sent away and I’ll gladly take my money elsewhere. I should crowdfund and open my own dispensary at this point just for really sick mfs. Also one of the patients I help has severe Parkinson’s which he desperately needs relieved from. He has been smoking street again because of prices and bullshit where no one was able to pull through for him. He got $145 an ounce of some fire homegrown the other day I could compare to some 20-25% tier 2 buds out there.

  44. We all use gas but how many of us get gas ahead of time. I don't gas up the day before work. Maybe I'm a junkie.

  45. Actually junkies do wait til they are completely out cuz they don’t have any money. They have to go around finding more money. Kinda like us disabled folk who get MMJ. We are also broke

  46. What a moron. People plan their reup around sales. I’m never out, but close enough. Dude shoulda been fired for acting like a tool.

  47. I doubt it since it's not from Klutch's personal account. The board let's the companies get away with way to much. I can't count how many rule violations I've seen and nothing be done.

  48. I'm so mad at Klutch, I'm gonna go burn all the flower I've bought from them in a series of small fires! Yeah.... That's what I'm gonna do!

  49. Hey everyone. Keep in consideration this (probably) kid doesn’t have much work experience and is making $14 an hour. No need to argue with fools.

  50. One employee's opinion does not represent the whole company. I think both sides get frustrated with the ridiculous rules made by the BOP, but the dispensary employees are the ones the patients take it out on. That comment was one sided and that person was upset. It wasn't okay, but it wasn't the owners of Klutch that did this. It was probably a 20 something employee that uses for the high only and not for the medicinal aspects. Everyone is bringing hate and punishment. Bring accountability. It is way more effective.

  51. I see your point and I agree but Klutch has been real shady for a real long time. They're largely disliked around this sub because they paid some ex-mods to hype their brand endlessly to the sub, so a lot of folks around here don't trust them and don't like them because of that. So something like this is naturally going to take that animosity which already exists and ramp it up to a fever pitch

  52. The FB account in question has acknowledged their employment at Calyx Peak and then Klutch on many occasions. Furthermore they have now edited this post to a simple

  53. How are we certain this random screen grab from Facebook actually is a klutch employee?... Name and pic obscured...

  54. Add all ohio strains look pretty but have middy effects. Better weed grows in a ditch along the roadside..

  55. Dude I picked up some for the first time & thought it was a bad batch , I hope you’re wrong because I’m going for more

  56. Yeah let’s not be reasonable, just fucking cancel him right? That’s about as reasonable as buying a tenth, rolling a blunt, and then being pissed when there is a technical problem the next day at the dispensary and you can’t get another tenth!

  57. So people with money insecurities can afford to smoke a tenth in one sitting right? We are the people who can't afford to buy in bulk and have to go to the dispensary a few times a week.

  58. Loved their products but i think ill be looking at other vendors from now on. To keep an employee around like this with only punishment being to make a post about everything he should not have said is pathetic in my eyes. If hes got a job still i have no respect in supporting this company anymore. People like this dont deserve to keep doing what they “love” doing after shitting on your “junkie” “fiends” that support and keep you running. Dudes probably a junkie himself and was just being a baby back bitch because some cancer patient needed their prescription sooner than him. Fucking pathetic shit to say in an industry youre sole mission is to provide youre patients or “junkies” your product in hopes that they get better or feel better and to gain their trust. Money hunger babies can find a new batch or junkies. There are other amazing brands out there offering great products and i dont mind taking my business that way 🤙 it only takes one douche to reflect your values n by keeping them around reflects those true core beliefs of your company 😂 pathetic

  59. Whoever wrote that you should fill your proscribed before you run out. Obviously that person does not posses the intellect to grasp a concept that controlled substances whatever they may be can ONLY be filled the day the proscription runs out, usually thirty day, not whenever you feel like it. Try to fill a morphine a week early and tell the pharmacist you do want to run out. See what he tells your dumb ass.

  60. Yeah but I mean are we as a "patient forum" gonna lie to ourselves? Like most posts aren't about "look how good this medicine looks" "straight fire 🔥 😍" "this one feels so good"

  61. Fat bums? Wtf are you even talking about? If you’ve never even shopped at Ohio dispensaries how would you have any idea who the average patient is? I’m a fit 33 year old working mother of 2 young kids. I see every type of person at the dispensary. And even if we are all fat bums, who cares. Fat bums deserve to live without pain suffering as much as the next person. You’re trash. Take your negative bullshit to a Michigan page if that’s what you think. You have nothing to gain or contribute to this community.

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