Sativa Recommendations?

  1. Straight Sauce or Durban Poison but pretty much any Sativa by Buckeye Relief is going to have you right.

  2. They’re hybrids but honestly Kels Orange Soda from Buckeye Relief is the best I’ve found in the program. Orange 43 by Klutch is a close second.

  3. Anything with jack crossed in gets me everytime. Idk why. I usually go to Grow Ohio or BR for strong sativa/hybrids. Other companies have stronger hybrids available if you need balance.

  4. Kels orange soda, sour blue diesel, straight sauce, orange 43, and even tho it’s not a sativa Lemon Royal by OCL helps with focus for me

  5. Any sativa from Buckeye relief...I have most of them currently and train 7 days a week bc of them. Also, Salty Watermelon by Firelands. Sunshine Lime Willies Reserve I got 17g at only 15% and such a small amount gives me soooooo much energy along with higher thc 23% grapfruit sour dream .

  6. Black jack, and so far the willie nelson sativas have all been good. Schromulan has a berry scent, good flavor, and staying up until 5am playing video games is no problem.

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