How long does a luster pod last you?

  1. If it’s the only thing you got and you’re tolerance is high like mine it’ll last 3-4 days. I can tell you I finish them on the third day usually

  2. Okay great! That’s the answer I needed. I have a high tolerance and with only having a day left id figure I’d see what I can get out of it. Thank you!

  3. Mine usually last about two weeks, but they aren't the only way I take my medicine throughout the day. I think that if it is your primary source, I could see a few days (like 3 or 4), but it really depends on your tolerance and how often you prefer to medicate.

  4. No that’s great thank you! Everyone’s answers seem about the same so figured if I mix it in with my normal flower I’ll be good to go and can stretch it a bit like you said. Appreciate it thanks!

  5. I take pulls off of mine between flower doses to help stretch the medical effects a bit longer. Probably lasts me a week when I'm using them like that. If I'm strictly using the vape all day, it would probably last me a few days?

  6. Yep that was my plan just to use it in between to stretch my medicine out as long as I can until my days restart. I appreciate your response thanks!

  7. I don’t use luster pods but I use 510 carts. I’ve been using the cart during the day and flower at night. I’ve been going through one .85g cart and three tenths of flower over about 10 days.

  8. That’s great..on average they seem to last everyone a lot longer than I expected so I love hearing how everyone makes it work for them. Thanks for your reply!

  9. Gotcha yep that’s right what I’m looking for. I grabbed one yesterday. Don’t love it but I’d rather use up my 1 day I have left than nothing at all lol. Thanks!

  10. My k look Ayer cake pod lasted me 4 days! Now that I’m at the end of my days I’m buying resin or rosin

  11. Yeah flower is my norm but I had an extra day so I went ahead and got the luster pod. Not a fan yet but we’ll see lol.

  12. Thanks!! Definitely gonna grab The Wife and I one. Hopefully it will last as we primarily ars flower users.

  13. these pods specifically are what i believe to be the only form of concentrate worth buying in our program based on taste and effectiveness alone. i think luster pods shine because of our 70% thc cap every other form of concentrate i’ve had hasn’t been enough

  14. Not sure..I believe the pods are butterfly effect. BE is my favorite that I see around here so I figured I’d go with them for this too.

  15. Not quite. Your answer is the same as “I don’t know” so why bother wasting both our time :) I’ve never used carts or pods so I’d assume some people (which they have) would reply with their experiences (which they have). If you asked “what’s the average house cost in your neighborhood” I could give you a pretty good estimated answer. So me asking how long do these last others, pretty much the same thing. Just trying to get an idea. Next time just move along and continue being justsomeguy :)

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