What do y’all spend / get on average in a week?

  1. We save up because Strawberry Fields always has sales on the monthly. This week they were doing 20% with an extra 10% of select brands. We spend about $300 a month for 2 people All flower. With deals we get about an ounce and a half. Make some oils and vape the rest. We take the ABV and make rice crispy treats my friends buy and that pays for the weed.

  2. Damn! Sometimes I wish I could be this efficient / resourceful with my stuff but I’m busy and can’t find the motivation to do anything else. So I just smoke it , and ash it 😂

  3. I stay in the canton area, so I usually go to the botanist and Zenleaf. Sometimes the botanist comes through with some good deals, Zenleaf always has a deal on flower on fridays but they’ll hit with a 10% off. Like gee, I really enjoy this $4 off I got. Even with a half you really only get like what? $14-$15 off?

  4. I did the math for my smoking frequency. To be as efficient as possible. Buying higher percentage T1 flower in bulk is the best bang for your buck right now. I smoke exclusively from a Casa glass recycler, with a

  5. If I stretch it a 10th can last me like 4-5 days but a 5th is definitely more doable for me. Usually smoke about 2 maybe 3 bowls a day, I have PTSD so usually one to get me going in the morning , one for bed and then one in between if I feel it

  6. I only go when it’s on sale and usually get 1/2 oz of tier 2 flower twice a month plus get 2-3 extracts-just got 4 things of live rosin for $56 ea for 4/20 sale at SF Dayton. SF posts on their fb page about sales so I use that to determine when and set aside the money for it

  7. I wait for the start of my days and then buy 2 oz of various flower strains at a dispensary that offers 15% to 20% last trip was 21 10ths for $624 after tax and I have 17 days left still per bud tender ? Crazy system I don’t understand.

  8. This is almost exactly my plan too. Usually ounces or halves on sale, shooting for $200-225 per zip.

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