Strawberry Fields Monroe

  1. It’s a shit show, if they said your items aren’t there more than likely they aren’t. You can try calling them, but good luck getting an answer as they never answer their phones. You could also try going there, but the security guards that work there are usually rude to you and won’t give you any straight up answers. Gotta love trying to go get your medicine and it feels literally impossible lol

  2. So I’ve just received a text “Your order is being filled at the -. Please verify your order receipt for pick-up time.” This does mean that my order is still a go?

  3. I personally have never had a problem with an order once I've recieved the confirmation text. You should be good! Let me know!

  4. Maybe the board could allow for a few more stores for fucks sake. Some stores pricing is so off I don’t know why anybody even shops at them. They should pull their license to dispense. Seriously

  5. I never have a problem with SF at Monroe or Dayton... However filled a cart at night, only to wake up the next day and try to place it and it was gone, so I always place my order day of and not the night before. It was only within the past couple of months that you could even order before 11. They have only been out of something once that I ordered online at it was because of a glitch, which I had assumed was going to happen because I wanted T2 and they only T1 of the strain. If I get the text, then I'm good. Usually never a big line either. Security guard has no personality, but has never been rude to me. It's Ohio and the law that is whack. SF when they have deals is my go to, to buy up all my days. Verdant when I used to go there was a shit show.

  6. I placed at 3am got a 12-1230 time slot and got two texts so far, im hopeful. I tried to place last night at 730 and it said no times available. So i guess it wasnt open yet

  7. They also probably see 400 plus patients a day. So things run out probably. They are the most popular dispensary... if you dont want to wait.... dont go on big sale days. I would suggest about wellness or bloom if you want to walk in also. I feel bad all the hate they get when they are trying and just too many of us compare to them. Remember they are doing their job and trying to help. It is medicine and takes time to get that many orders ready. Just my opinion. Lucky they even have all these sales. The guard is just being a guard.... his job is to protect not to make friends. He always been nice to me.

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