Sherbtane - Columbia care

  1. Steer clear of banana punch IMO as it has the least amount of flavor (I’ve had about 5 different CC fifths, this and slap wagon being the best of them)

  2. Which one would you say has the most unique smell/taste? I try to steer clear of the more traditional dank/gas/skunk stuff, and it's really hard to make an educated buy these days since we're not allowed to smell the bud.

  3. Been smoking this for a couple days now, it’s a great one for sleep and my anxiety. I’ve been on pods the last few weeks so switching back to flower was a nice change too. $29 for this 2.83 I got so I figured that was a steal. It’s 22% so it sets well in that sweet spot for me personally. I only take a couple hits through the day because a whole bowl has me glued in my bed.

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