I was really enjoying these Buckeye Relief carts until they started clogging as they got low. Suckin out little globs of oil with both the Bert and KO5. Their oil is great. Carts, not so much.

  1. Yup, they always get me back within a day or so. I’ve had a few carts clog and they’re always quick to reimburse.

  2. I really like those BR carts. That's probably my favorite cannabis brand so far. The one strain is KOS, not KO5, it stands for Kel's Orange Soda.

  3. They clogged because you suck too hard in the first place you shouldn’t be giving much section to it at all

  4. Good to know about drawing too hard. I use a small heat gun to gently warm the near-empty carts and collect the tiny droplets. This also helps clear clogs.

  5. Never had that happen with one of those BR carts but I have had them clog up on me after they were low and I just had to hit it hard to unclog it

  6. Thank you. Like I said in my follow up comment, I’ve never had this issue with other carts so I know I’m not sucking too hard.

  7. Haven’t had a problem with any of the Standard or Firelands Scientific carts clogging up on my vape batteries.

  8. No, they don’t. Not a single Standard cart I’ve purchased has clogged on me. BR uses cheaper carts.

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