Woodward R'NTZ (H) 30% is frosty AF!

  1. If looks could kill. All looks and no personality. Fun to show off to your friends, so others can make you feel good about your decision. Anyway, there is WAY better medicine available that doesnโ€™t require you to bend over backwards to obtain AND that has noticeably better effects. To each their own, but I got some bullshit OG from them a while back, that was the WORST flower I have come across in this program. And then I bought some wedding cake that looked and smelled great, but didnโ€™t really get me high. Iโ€™m not hating, just sharing my experience.

  2. People like us that make that strain sell out in 4 hours. The other Woodward's sell out in a few days, but runts and gushers. 4-6 hours. Best in the state by far. I dont even put klutch or BR in my lungs. Gross

  3. I ended up with one 30% and one 25% (went back to get a second jar of runtz and sherbert). Had no idea it was different until I read it here. I wonder if I would have noticed the difference by the time I made it to that jar.. I certainly will now though.. lol

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