Thoughts on ICC crumble by Klutch.

  1. This was probably one of the better concentrates I got from Klutch and in our program. It's a resin instead of rosin but that doesn't really bother me as long as it's extracted right

  2. Awesome! Definitely can't wait to try it out, was gonna wait until Monday to pick some up since the dispensary I go to do a 10% off vape cartridges and concentrates that day.

  3. Personally I think the ICC Crumble is phenomenal. It has an amazing taste, smells just like the bud and will have you stoned in no time

  4. I'd stick to live rosin. Buckeye Relief makes some good concentrates, as does Firelands Scientific. Pretty sure crumble is not a solventless product, if that matters to you.

  5. I was thinking about going with something along those lines but with my personal experience with wax I found I enjoyed the consistency and overall experience of a crumble more compared to a live rosin.

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